What To Expect When Hiring Carpet Cleaning Services

What To Expect When Hiring Carpet Cleaning Services

Regular carpet cleaning is so important to remove allergens, dust, dirt, and bacteria from your floor coverings. Airborne particles can increase breathing problems such as asthma and allergies, and cause other health issues in young children and the elderly.

Vacuuming does help to get rid of these contaminants but doesn’t completely remove them as they get trodden into the carpet fibres and become difficult to extract. Professional carpet cleaning is the ideal solution to refreshing and restoring the looks of your carpets and ensuring a deep clean.

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The benefits of using a carpet cleaning service

You’ll save time and energy by letting carpet cleaning experts carry out the job for you! The advantages of specialist carpet cleaning just twice a year also include:

  • Comprehensive removal of dirt and bacteria with a guaranteed thorough clean
  • Elimination of carpet stains that you may not know how to deal with
  • No residues as all detergents are powerfully extracted
  • A regular maintenance option that extends the life of your carpets
  • The appearance of your carpeted rooms will be enhanced

Prior to your carpet cleaning service

Before your service begins you should be able to get a quote. This will either be provided online, sent to you after speaking to an advisor, or following a visit from an expert if you’ve got specific needs.

Make sure you know exactly what’s included in your quote – for example, will the furniture need to be moved? Are stain removal and stain prevention treatments included? Is there a satisfaction guarantee? Once all your questions are answered you’ll be able to schedule your appointment at a convenient time.

Your carpet cleaning service

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Depending on the type of carpet you have your trained carpet cleaning technician will choose the most appropriate cleaning method and solutions. Pre-treating of stains will be carried out before your carpet is cleaned.

If your carpets are made of nylon, polypropylene, polyester, or other similar hard-wearing fabrics the choice of cleaning technique will be hot water extraction. This involves powerfully injecting an extremely hot water and detergent mix deep into the carpet fibres, agitating all dirt, debris, and bacteria, and extracting them along with the excess water.

Following this procedure, your carpets will take a few hours to dry, but you can speed up the drying process by opening windows or using a fan.

If your carpets are oriental or made of other delicate fibres that may be prone to shrinkage a dry cleaning method will be selected. This technique consists of the distribution of special powder granules with a machine equipped with a rotating cylindrical brush. The powder goes into the pile to absorb dirt and dust, and a thorough final vacuum removes all surface contaminants.

Need carpet cleaning in Oxford?

Carpet cleaning services in Oxford are designed to meet your needs. You can call to make your booking, use a chat feature or fill in an online form. You’ll be able to request a free, no-obligation quote upfront for your carpet cleaning hire in Oxford. And schedule an appointment that suits you – on a weekday, weekend, or after working hours.

Your professional carpet cleaning service will be carried out by fully trained and experienced carpet cleaners who know exactly how to deal with an entire range of stains, and how to handle many different kinds of fabric. Your service will be fully insured for your peace of mind.

Rug cleaning is also readily available – both natural and synthetic materials can be cleaned with the utmost care. Deep cleaning your carpets will keep them looking new and ensure your environment is healthy and happy!