What Is the Best Time To Call For Conservatory Cleaning Service?

What Is the Best Time To Call For Conservatory Cleaning Service?

Conservatories can provide ideal extra space –from a sunroom to an extra bedroom – serving as a function room all year round. It can take the place of an extension normally without needing planning permission and adds value to your home if you ever decide to sell.

With a vast range of structural options, window designs, and flexible styling you can make the most of both space and light. Conservatories built to the highest standards will last for years. So, once your conservatory is complete you need to know how to maintain it! This includes lubricating handles, hinges, and locks as well as looking after the windows.

Many tasks can be carried out by your local conservatory window cleaner who will bring all the necessary equipment to ensure your window washing service is carried out perfectly. So, what is the best time to call for conservatory cleaning service? Read on to find out more…

Choosing the best time

If you’ve decided to call in the professionals rather than tackling the job yourself, research has shown that the optimum time to have your conservatory cleaned is before winter, as seasonal cold and wet weather can affect the conservatory glazing. The best time of day is when the sun isn’t shining directly onto the windows as this can lead to streaks and water spots as the cleaning fluid dries.

Your conservatory roof should ideally be cleaned around every four months as this helps to prevent leakage, damage and decay. Trusted window cleaning companies will be able to carry out conservatory roof cleaning using high-quality tools and equipment specifically designed to do the job.

A thorough conservatory valeting is recommended around every three years, depending on how much the conservatory is used. This complex service will include hot-washing to remove surface grime and to get rid of any traces of solution which will be carefully applied by hand. Following the complete drying two coats of polish will be applied to leave your conservatory refreshed and protected.


A detailed guide to cleaning your conservatory outside

Your local window cleaner providing residential window cleaning services will happily include your conservatory on his to-do list. The exterior of the conservatory will be tackled initially. The specialist cleaning equipment used for the job will include:

  • A conservatory cleaning ladder – these are lightweight and can be securely attached to the top of the conservatory without damaging the roof
  • A telescopic brush – with extending reach allowing difficult areas to be safely cleaned
  • A power washer – effective for cleaning brickwork, concrete, and stone floors, as well as some roofs

Key tasks that will be carried out when you use conservatory cleaning services cover:

Getting rid of debris from the guttering and drainpipes.

Brushing the roof followed by a hosing down with a pressure washer – bear in mind that safety always comes first when cleaning conservatory roofs as they’re not designed to be stood on. And, if it’s wet and slippery, or very windy your conservatory cleaning appointment may have to be re-arranged.

Cleaning the outside windows – your window cleaning Abingdon expert may use an extended telescopic pole, also known as a water-fed pole system, that eliminates the need for ladders as it can be controlled from ground level.

Attending to the framework – with eco-friendly solutions used by the professionals your UPVC frames can be cleaned in a non-abrasive way.

And inside

Internal conservatory cleaning needs to be carefully carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions as weather seals can be damaged if the wrong cleaning solutions and tools are used.

A build-up of mould and mildew is common if cleaning isn’t done regularly especially during colder months when the conservatory isn’t used as much and is inadequately ventilated. Mould is caused by moisture in the air that forms as condensation on windows and other surfaces. To prevent this happening the airflow needs to be improved and an even temperature maintained.

Checks made by your conservatory technician may include an examination of the locks and rollers on all doors. For sticking doors tracks will need to be cleared of debris and the drainage holes examined to ensure they’re not obstructed in any way.

Internal conservatory cleaning of windows may take the form of treating the panes with more traditional methods such as a squeegee. An in-depth clean will be completed of roof panels and spars that are difficult to reach. The actual method of cleaning is very similar to the outside except that ladders will be needed.

Your conservatory window cleaner will select the best method of cleaning with regards to the type of internal roofing. Polycarbonate roofs for example will need a much gentler option as surface scratching is easily done. Water also needs to be changed more often as dirty water can leave streaks on this material.

Frames will be cleaned and glass given a final polish – and your conservatory will look as new!