What Happens To Your Carpet When You Only Vacuum It?

What Happens To Your Carpet When You Only Vacuum It?

What happens to your carpet when you only vacuum it? It’s recommended that you vacuum your carpets once or twice a week to ensure that airborne particles are reduced. This helps to lower allergen levels as vacuuming actions help to remove trapped dirt, pollen, food debris and pet dander. However, despite these potential benefits these particles can actually increase when vacuuming stops.

Vacuum cleaner design plays an important role in particle emissions. Modern vacuums have HEPA filters that reduce dust emitted by the vacuum exhaust which also helps if you have asthma or other allergies. You should vacuum the area several times with more time needed if you have a carpet with a thick pile.

Avoid carpets in bathrooms and kitchens

It’s really worth considering hard flooring in these areas where there’s constant damp. Hard flooring can be mopped and scrubbed on a regular basis making it easy to maintain. Mildew and mould quickly form on damp carpets and unpleasant smells can become apparent. If this happens simply vacuuming your carpets will not be enough.

In heavy traffic areas, you could consider placing rugs with non-slip backings to avoid them becoming a hazard. These rugs will also need to be washed regularly to remove dust mites and other pollutants. Rug cleaning in Abingdon, for example, can easily be scheduled regularly so you can keep on top of any cleaning issues.

Research continues to show that there are benefits in carpeting rooms with regard to dust control. Airborne dust levels are reduced when carpets are vacuumed regularly due to the sink capacity of carpets holding particulates as they settle from the air. Allergy concentrations are also lowered with aggressive vacuuming.

Carpet maintenance and cleaning

Replace heavily soiled or worn carpets as carpet that’s loose or has folds and bumps is also dangerous and can cause a hazard that results in a fall. Stains that you can’t remove can become a health risk and you may need to contact professional carpet cleaning services to overcome this problem for you.

Steam cleaning your carpet can leave moisture behind that may attract pests and can lead to mould in the carpet or the padding underneath. Be sure to dry the carpet thoroughly by opening windows and running an air conditioner or humidifier. If you use a spot cleaner follow the instructions on the label as they’re not designed for the entire carpeted area.

Dry steam cleaning may be a better choice if you’re worried about the amount of water used during the cleaning process. Here the padding remains dry throughout the procedure and drying time for the surface of the carpet is much quicker. Studies have shown that dry steam cleaning plus vacuuming results in a significant reduction of dust mite allergens.

Carpet disinfecting can be carried out with a spray to reduce unseen germs by spraying in a sweeping motion to cover the entire surface. Bear in mind that the area needs to be left to dry completely before walking on it.

Need a carpet and upholstery cleaner?

Carpet cleaning services in Abingdon will provide you with experienced carpet cleaners who will carry out rug, sofa, and carpet cleaning to the highest standard. Professional rug cleaning in Abingdon is completed by highly trained technicians who know how to handle all kinds of fabric so your rugs are in safe hands.

The professional carpet cleaning cost is well worth the investment as having your carpets, rugs, and upholstery expertly cleaned every three to six months will ensure that your floor coverings not only look great but will stay healthier for longer. And all you need to do is sit back and relax whilst the hard work is done for you!