What Are The Best Office Cleaning Prices In The UK?

What Are The Best Office Cleaning Prices In The UK?

Office cleaning is one type of commercial cleaning carried out by a commercial cleaning company. The cleaners who are employed within the organisation are extensively and regularly trained – and will use specialised tools and cleaning products to clean and sanitise.

General office cleaning should include the reception area, toilet and bathroom areas, kitchen, and the main office. Emptying of bins, cleaning windows, doors, and cleaning appliances and computers may also be included on the commercial cleaner’s checklist.

What are the best office cleaning prices in the UK? Find out more details here…

What are office cleaning rates in the UK?

An hourly rate is determined by the labour and overhead costs, divided by the total of hours worked, with a minimum charge to cover a salary, expenses, and a profit.

Depending on the cleaning company you choose office cleaning rates will vary, and this often relates to the quality of service you receive and any additional tasks you request. See a brief guide to UK prices below:

  • £12 per hour in Scotland, North Yorkshire and Cheshire
  • £12.50 per hour in London, £15 with cleaning products supplied
  • £14 per hour in Kent
  • £17.50 to £20.00 per hour in South Wales
  • You can pay between £30 to £60 for evening office cleans – totally dependent on the business hours of the cleaning company.
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How much does office cleaning cost?

Office cleaning prices in the UK will vary according to the size of your business. What other factors are taken into account? Office cleaning prices reflect not only the space requiring cleaning but the frequency, the time of day, what cleaning tasks are expected to be covered, and whether cleaning supplies are already on-site, or need to be brought to the premises.

Experienced cleaners are needed to handle an entire range of cleaning tasks, and be able to use their judgement when a deep cleaning session is required. Insight, care, and attention to detail are qualities essential for a thorough and professional cleaning job to be carried out.

The national average for office cleaning is £11 to £14 per hour, making it a budget-friendly way to ensure your office space remains hygienically clean.

Will the office cleaning company bring cleaning materials with them?

Some companies will be prepared to reduce their prices if they can use cleaning equipment and products that you provide. However, you need to think carefully about this as there’s an entire range of products needed to ensure the cleaning is performed properly and effectively.

Would you be able to give cleaners access to the following?

  • Mops and brushes
  • Dustpans & brushes
  • Sweepers and vacuum cleaners
  • Buckets and squeegees
  • Cloths, sponges, and scourers
  • Bins and bin bags
  • Cleaning solutions that are preferably eco-friendly

You’ll also need to ensure that these items remain fully stocked – it’s possibly far easier to let the cleaning company take care of this for you as part of the service.

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What is the going rate for commercial cleaning?

The commercial cleaning rate will differ from company to company, so it’s wise to compare prices. Pricing may be set at a flat rate for smaller businesses that take less time to clean – meaning you’ll pay the same price every time. For larger offices, the hourly rate may change with relation to the square footage of the space that needs to be cleaned.

Labour charges will vary dependant on whether you choose to take out a long-term contract for office cleaning, or prefer to arrange a specialist cleaning session to be carried out less frequently.

What are commercial cleaning packages?

Many companies will offer cleaning packages that are designed for small, medium, or large commercial cleans. Examples of this type of office cleaning services price list are shown below – hours are all Monday to Friday:

  • Small commercial cleaning package for 10 hours per week– prices start from £550
  • Medium commercial cleaning package for 50 hours per week – prices start from £2755
  • Large commercial cleaning package for 70 hours per week – prices start from £3650
  • You can also request bespoke cleaning packages to suit your needs following a free on-site survey.

Is there an office cleaning company in Oxfordshire?

The local choice for an Oxford cleaning company is BeClean. Abingdon cleaners are highly trained and tested so you can rely on their knowledge and experience. Reference-checks and vetting are also carried out to ensure any cleaners that work on your premises are completely trustworthy.

Is office cleaning limited to weekdays? No – you can make a booking seven days of the week which is ideal if your cleaning service can’t be performed during business hours. And you’ll be able to choose the frequency of your clean, whether it be a one-off deep clean or on a regular basis. Concerned about the price? Simply call or use the online booking form to get a free quote, or use the chat feature for an immediate response to all cost queries.