The Advantages Of A Mattress Cleaning Service

The Advantages Of A Mattress Cleaning Service

Mattress cleaning is a really important cleaning task as it ensures that body fluids, sweat, and dirt trapped whilst you’re sleeping gets removed. Dust mites live in dirty mattresses and allergy-related illnesses can cause runny noses, sneezing, itching, coughing, and watery eyes. More severe reactions can include tightness of the chest, difficulty breathing, and sinus issues, and asthma sufferers can also find that their symptoms worsen.

A hygienic mattress will encourage better sleeping, provide healthier indoor air quality, and give you peace of mind as stress levels are reduced. Removing contaminants and combatting unpleasant smells are just two of the objectives of professional mattress cleaning. See more advantages of a mattress cleaning service here…

Home remedies

It’s acknowledged that sprinkling baking soda onto a stained mattress and vacuuming it off after a few hours can help with odours – and soaking the mattress with a detergent solution can also help. However, if you’re planning on arranging a mattress cleaning service this may make the job more complicated for cleaning mattress stains.

Professional mattress cleaning techniques

Mattress cleaning for urine stains is typically carried out with the use of machines with germicidal lights, which kill germs and begin the sanitising process. Dead skin flakes and embedded dust are also removed, along with dust mites, as high-frequency vibrations loosen the particles deep within the mattress.

Simultaneously, the chemical-free disinfecting method kills bacteria, viruses, and spores that may be growing on the mattress. Finally, a spray may be applied to the mattress for added protection against any re-infestation. This cleaning process is 100% dry so the mattress can be used immediately after treatment

Alternatively, professional mattress cleaning for urine statins maybe by a hot water extraction process. This is also referred to as steam cleaning, and will effectively get rid of stains and help deodorise the mattress at the same time.

How does it work? A technician will assess the fabric and level of soiling to select the appropriate cleaning solutions. The hot water and detergent mix will be injected deep inside the mattress fibres, killing any bacteria and dissolving dirt. Powerful suction will remove all of these impurities, alongside the majority of excess water.

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It’ll probably take a few hours for the mattress to completely dry. You can speed up the drying process by opening doors and windows to ventilate the room, or you could consider air-drying outside to speed up the drying process, weather permitting. Some mattress cleaning services offer air movers as an additional extra.

Dry powder mattress cleaning is yet another option. This technique is suitable for fabrics that can’t be subject to water. A dry enzyme powder is brushed deep into the fabric before being vacuumed out with the attracted dirt and allergens. This results in a sterile mattress ready to sleep on.

How to clean vomit from your mattress can also be undertaken by professional cleaners. It’s a good idea if you can remove the excess vomit by scraping it from the surface and disposing of it before your mattress cleaners arrive.

Your technician will then choose the most suitable cleaning method as detailed above to safely eliminate the soiling and odour without leaving behind any residue.

Benefits of using a professional mattress cleaning company

A professional mattress cleaner will have the use of modern equipment and environmentally friendly solutions to ensure that your mattress is properly deep cleaned

  • Having your mattress expertly cleaned will reduce the risk of allergies and prevent a range of bacterial related illnesses
  • Air quality will instantly be increased inside your home as pollutants and biological contaminants are removed
  • Stain removal is all part of the mattress cleaning process that ensures your mattress is left deodorised and smelling fresh
  • The life of your mattress will be extended as proper cleaning and maintenance will reduce wear and tear between the linings as well as the cover itself

Hiring a professional mattress cleaner will release you from this task and let you focus on other cleaning activities

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Is there a mattress cleaning company near me?

This frequently asked question can be quickly answered – simply enter your postcode into an online search. Looking for a local Oxford cleaning company? Mattress cleaning in Oxford will be provided by highly trained and experienced domestic cleaners in Abingdon.

You’ll be given access to a professional mattress cleaning team happy to provide this service during the week or at the weekend. You can choose the time that fits into your busy lifestyle. It’s recommended that you have your mattresses cleaned by a specialist twice a year, or even with the change of seasons. Once your service is complete you can look forward to many nights of uninterrupted sleep on a mattress that is totally sanitised and smells delightful!