Spring Cleaning 2021: Why Use Spring Cleaning Services?

Spring Cleaning 2021: Why Use Spring Cleaning Services?

The definition of spring cleaning is a thorough cleaning of your house, typically undertaken in the spring! This tradition goes way back to the ancient Jewish practice of thoroughly cleaning the home before the springtime festival of Passover, and is still carried out in many Orthodox nations.

Making time to declutter your home and organise is actually healthy, and can make you happy. It also reduces stress and helps you focus. However, if your lifestyle is extremely hectic you may not have that time or the energy to carry out deep cleaning of your house. It’s simple to find a spring cleaning company that will do all the necessary jobs for you.

Spring cleaning 2021: Why use spring cleaning services? Read on…

Signs you may be ready for a spring clean

If you notice any of the following it may be time to call local professional cleaning services:

  • Your home smells musty and stale
  • Carpets are dull and dirty
  • Upholstery is stained
  • Hard surface floors feel sticky
  • Kitchen appliances are grimy
  • Bathroom has mould and mildew
  • When the sun shines through your windows you can see dust floating

Spring cleaning service data

A house spring cleaning service using experienced cleaners will ensure that your property is left fresh and hygienically clean. State-of-the-art equipment removes almost all pollen and allergens, leaving your newly-cleaned home sanitised and healthy.

See a checklist of what may be offered during your professional house cleaning below:

Kitchen cleaning

  • Appliances, countertops, cupboard fronts, and splashbacks wiped down
  • Sinks scrubbed, door frames and window sills washed, and windows cleaned
  • Skirting boards wiped over, and hard floors mopped
  • The interiors of ovens are usually an additional service with an extra cost.

Bathroom cleaning

  • Tiles, fittings, and shower screens cleaned
  • Shower cubicle, bath, basin, and vanity scrubbed
  • Toilets disinfected under rim, base, and behind
  • Mirrors cleaned and polished
  • Exhaust fan cleaned
  • Light switches and door frames wiped over
  • Hard floors mopped and carpeted floors vacuumed

General cleaning

This will include bedrooms, stairs, landings, hallways, and living areas.

  • Window sills and skirting boards wiped down
  • Light switches cleaned
  • Pictures dusted and mirrors polished
  • Bins emptied
  • Carpets and upholstery vacuumed

The costs of spring cleaning

There are a few factors that need to be taken into account in order for you to get an accurate quote from your chosen spring cleaning company. You’ll need to let them know:

  • The size of your home in square footage
  • The overall condition of your property
  • The number of rooms you need cleaning
  • The types of flooring in each room
  • If you have pets
  • How many people live there

If there are any special surfaces such as marble that need extra attention

Spring cleaning services in Abingdon

Spring house cleaning in Abingdon is available all year round! And they’ll be a domestic cleaning service in Abingdon tailored to suit you. The jobs that get completed during your cleaning session are down to you, and appointments are flexible – during weekdays and weekends.

Using a domestic cleaning service will ensure you keep on top of all of your cleaning tasks. You’ll be able to book on a weekly or monthly basis, and the same cleaner will come to you on a regular basis so that you can build a rapport, and your cleaner will get to know what jobs are most important to you.

You can change the cleaning jobs each time if you want to – your cleaner will focus on the tasks you choose. And if your cleaner is unwell or on holiday a suitable replacement will automatically be sent to you.

You can also request details on after party cleaning, a two-weekly cleaning service, or spring-cleaning services for commercial properties. You can also benefit from key holding services that allow trusted cleaners to carry out your cleaning service whilst you’re at work or away on business.

spring blossomed tree

Deep cleaning services

You can select deep cleaning services where modern cleaning techniques and eco-friendly solutions will be used to complete a thorough property clean. This one-off deep cleaning session can be used when:

  • Your work commitments are making it impossible to comprehensively clean your home
  • You don’t have the right tools and equipment to do the cleaning satisfactorily
  • You want to create a good impression when you have a special occasion to host
  • You have medical restrictions that prevent you from performing a proper clean

A deep cleaning house checklist on top of general cleaning may include:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of bins
  • Appliance cleaning inside and out
  • Bed making
  • Window cleaning
  • Picking up clutter and general tidying
  • Cleaning tile grout

Every cleaning company will include a package and a checklist for deep cleaning. If the job you want doing isn’t listed all you have to do is ask.

Speciality cleaning services

As well as flexible domestic cleaning services offered in Abingdon, you’ll also be able to select additional service options such as end of tenancy cleaning that guarantees cleaning standards are met and expected by landlord and other property professionals. This service is suitable for tenants, landlords, and agencies for both pre and post-tenancy cleans.

End of tenancy cleaning will typically cover:


  • Cleaning all kitchen cupboards and drawers inside and out
  • Fridge freezer cleaned inside and out (following prior defrosting)
  • All appliances cleaned, degreased, and wiped down
  • Hobs and grills polished
  • Extractor fans and filters cleaned
  • Wall tiles cleaned and polished
  • Countertops sanitised
  • Limescale removed from taps and sinks disinfected
  • Windows cleaned
  • Woodwork all wiped down
  • Plugs and switches cleaned
  • Hard floors mopped


  • Limescale removal
  • Shower cubicle and screen cleaned
  • Tiles washed down
  • Mirrors cleaned and polished
  • Sink cleaned and taps polished
  • Cupboards and shelving cleaned
  • Toilet disinfected inside and out
  • Windows cleaned
  • Extractor fan wiped down
  • Plugs and light switches cleaned
  • Hard floors mopped and sanitised and carpeted floors vacuumed


  • Doors, skirting boards, and window sills wiped down
  • All furniture dusted and mirrors polished
  • Tops of cupboards and wardrobes cleaned inside and out
  • Windows cleaned
  • Light switches, fittings, and lamps cleaned
  • Radiators cleaned
  • Furniture and carpeted floors vacuumed

Living areas

  • All furniture will be dusted and mirrors and picture frames polished
  • Doors, skirting boards, and window sills will be wiped down
  • Light switches, fittings, lampshades, and sockets will be cleaned
  • Cushions will be removed from upholstery and vacuuming done underneath
  • Carpeted areas will be vacuumed

The entrance hall, hallway, and stairs will all be thoroughly cleaned too.

Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services

Why not consider having a professional carpet clean to coincide with your spring-cleaning service? This all-in-one clean will not only extend the life-span of your carpets but will also remove dust mites and eradicate pollutants and allergens from deep within your carpet fibres, making for a healthier living environment.

Get a free, no-obligation quote before you confirm your appointment to ensure that the carpet cleaning offered is suitable for your carpet fabric.

In addition to your main carpet cleaning and rug cleaning service you can request sofa cleaning – all carried out by trained and experienced cleaners.

More about the cleaners

Professional cleaners in Abingdon are all:

  • Reference checked so you’ll have no trust issues
  • Highly trained to carry out cleaning to the highest standards
  • Fully insured for your peace of mind
  • Friendly and polite at all times

You can book spring cleaning services in Abingdon by calling or going online. Make your booking and sit back and relax whilst all the hard work is done for you!