End of tenancy cleaning in Oxford ideal for any property


Get end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford, Abingdon-on-Thames and across Oxfordshire even at very short notice. We can be with you often on the very next day to complete a full and comprehensive clean of your property. One which is ideal for you whether you are tenant or landlord. We regularly help when it comes to:

  • Preparing for your landlord’s inspection
  • Preparing to rent out your property to new tenants
  • Making sure you get the best sale price and valuation of your property
  • Preparing to move into a new house (as a move-in tenancy cleaning option)

This a complete property cleaning service which includes professional attention for every part of the house or apartment in question. Kitchen including the oven, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, dining areas – this service handles it all.

Your highly-trained cleaning team will arrive with all of the specialist materials and equipment required to get the job done. They work to a carefully prepared checklist of tasks which you can find below. Or they can follow your own guidelines or rules for what you want to have done.

The end of tenancy cleaning we provide in Banbury and across Oxfordshire is – like all of our home cleaning services – handled by trained, trusted and highly experienced professionals. Each has been vetted, personally interviewed and comes to you fully insured for all of the time that they are working in your property.

Start off with a free quote on your service today. There’s no commitment to use us. We always price for individual numbers of rooms and size of property so that, just like all of the residential cleaning services we carry out for local people, you always get the best deal on your end of tenancy cleaning. Whether you are in Bicester, Wallingford or anywhere in Oxfordshire.

Professional house cleaning for the end of your tenancy

The work of our Oxford cleaners is designed to be as affordable as possible. To this end, we charge a straightforward hourly rate based on your individual needs. This means you will only ever pay a fair rate for the size of your home.

For example, if you only need end of tenancy cleaning in Abingdon or elsewhere in Oxfordshire for a small apartment, you will pay much less than you would if you had a whole house which needed attention. Similarly, if you have fewer bedrooms or a single sitting room, for instance, the price you pay is going to be less than that for a sprawling house with conservatory and multiple bedrooms. But whatever size of property you have, the rate you pay will always be open and fair.

Simply give us a call and we can provide a fully costed quote for the tenancy-related residential cleaning services you need. Your quote will include the deep clean itself as well as the cost of all of the materials we will be using.

There will be a minimum of a six-hour booking required for this kind of service. It simply isn’t possible to guarantee the quality of a full-property professional house cleaning suitable for the end of a tenancy in anything less.

Domestic cleaning services in Abingdon

Including tasks beyond even our standard domestic cleaning services

Reaching places that even our standard quality domestic cleaning services don’t normally go, this service is a comprehensive clean of your entire property. It includes almost every cleaning task you might need to complete as either a tenant or landlord.

The complete end of tenancy cleaning we provide in Bicester, Watlington, Wantage, Oxford and the rest of Oxfordshire includes but is not limited to:


  • Cleaning sink and taps, removing limescale and polishing where required
  • Cleaning inside all cupboards and drawers
  • Washing and polishing all work surfaces
  • Floors to be cleaned, vacuumed and mopped
  • Oven to be cleaned externally to remove all built-up grease
  • Tiles to be cleaned
  • All skirting to be dusted and light fittings cleaned
  • Dishwasher, fridge, microwave and washing machine cleaned inside and out


  • Windows and doors to be cleaned
  • All furniture to be wiped clean, including inside and outside of cupboards and wardrobes
  • Light fittings to be cleaned
  • Full vacuuming under bed and carpets, and mopping of floors if applicable
  • Cleaning of mirrors and pictures
  • Cleaning of skirting boards


  • Cleaning and disinfecting toilet seat and bowl inside and out
  • Cleaning and washing the bathtub and shower cabin
  • Descaling and polishing shower heads and taps
  • Cleaning and washing the tiles and the areas between the tiles, removing limescale
  • Cleaning any cupboards or fixtures and fittings
  • Cleaning windows, doors, floors and light fittings

Lounge and Sitting Rooms

  • Windows and doors to be cleaned
  • Clean cupboards inside and out
  • Wipe clean all furniture
  • Full vacuuming under sofas and chairs including moving all cushions and cleaning behind them
  • Cleaning of skirting boards
  • Cleaning of TV, DVD player and other electronic equipment

But if you need any specific additional tasks to be included in your post-tenancy home cleaning service, all you need to do is let us know.

Phone us on or get in touch via our booking form or chat facility at any time.