Pros and Cons of Steam Cleaning a Mattress

Pros and Cons of Steam Cleaning a Mattress

Although we may not think about it that often, in reality, most people will spend up to a third of their lives sleeping. Sleep is a natural part of the body’s cycle and is necessary to freshen us up and re-energise our batteries for the next day. But something that may not cross your mind when it comes to the topic of sleep is how clean your mattress really is and whether you should give it a clean. 

Mattresses can go through a lot of wear and tear, especially if you are not using a mattress protector. Some of the most common issues you may encounter include urine stains from pets or young children, dust mites, sweat stains, dry skin cells, odours and a whole host of other issues. Since mattress cleaning should be done at least seasonally, perhaps it’s time to consider a specialist mattress cleaning service? But what are the pros and cons of having your mattress steam cleaned? Our domestic cleaners in Abingdon offer their specialist know-how. Let’s take a closer look at their suggestions.

Pros of steam cleaning a mattress

Having your mattress professionally steam cleaned by our Oxford domestic cleaners comes with a wide range of benefits. In fact, you’ll soon find out that the pros of your mattress cleaning in Abingdon outweigh the cons. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Health benefits: people suffering from asthma, allergies or sleep apnea will know the joys of having a professionally steam cleaned carpet. Causes of allergens are deeply removed and this means better breathing, better air quality and ultimately, better sleep. 
  • Prolonged cleanliness: if you opt for expert mattress cleaning services, you’ll also quickly find out that the processes and equipment employed uses high temperatures to extract stains. These temperatures can help to reduce the number of dust bites and also kill bacteria. 
  • Say goodbye to stains and odours: your specialist cleaners in Oxford also recommend mattress steam cleaning for the other benefits it offers. These include breaking down accumulated dirt, urine, blood or sweat stains. Not to mention that you can enjoy the fresh odours once the smelly ones are removed. 
  • It can be environmentally-friendly: depending on the Oxford cleaning company you choose to use for your mattress steam cleaning service, you could also be helping the environment. Because steam cleaning a mattress usually involves water, steam and eco-friendly detergents, your environmental footprint will be negligible. The reason for this is that this is a generally chemical-free method of cleaning. 

Cons of steam cleaning a mattress

Wondering if there are any cons to your mattress cleaning in Oxford? Well, the answer is that it depends on the method used. Here are two things to look out for when you use a mattress steam cleaning service.  

  • Excess moisture: as mentioned above, mattress steam cleaning necessarily involves the use of water and steam, which is applied to your carpet and extracted. However, if not extracted properly, this can lead to excess moisture in your mattress. Naturally, this could lead to mildew and mould and, of course, these are not healthy fungi to have near you, particularly when you are sleeping. Allowing your mattress to dry fully before use is therefore highly recommended and will eliminate this concern. 
  • Mattress damage: a final word of advice to ensure that your mattress steam cleaning service is as effective as possible is to follow the right cleaning instructions according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some mattresses require a more delicate touch whereas others require specific detergents for the cleaning treatment. Therefore, once this precaution is taken, you should be all set to be able to sleep on your fresh and clean mattress. 

Searching for professional mattress cleaning near you?

If it’s time to have professional mattress cleaning, you’ve come to the right place. At Be Clean, our expert mattress cleaning experts know just the right approach to follow and use the right equipment to get your mattress fresh and spotless once again. Reaching out to us is super easy and we’re also just a call away. So, feel free to get in touch and let us help freshen up your bedroom and give you a good night’s rest once again.