Post-Party Cleaning Tips To Keep In Mind

Post-Party Cleaning Tips To Keep In Mind
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You’ve been host to a wonderful party where you were organised, made satisfying food, and planned for kids and pets. You bought the right amount of drink and were able to escape from the kitchen and spend time with your guests.

Get prepared

Sort out all the cleaning tools and solutions you need before you start. This will avoid you having to break away from the actual cleaning to fetch more equipment. You’ll need:

  • A plastic caddy to carry essentials from room to room
  • Protective gloves
  • Sponges and scourers
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Dustpan and brush
  • Mop and bucket
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Glass polishing cloths
  • Anti-bacterial spray
  • Bin bags

Be organised

Try and tackle one area at a time to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and too tired to do the job properly. Reduce the pressure on yourself by finishing one room before starting another.

Ask for help

If you have younger children turn the cleaning into a game with treats for jobs done well. For older children, you could encourage them to help with financial rewards!

Tips for cleaning each room


Wash dishes by hand or load the dishwasher. Put all clean cutlery and tableware away. Wipe down all work surfaces and appliances with anti-bacterial sprays. Clean any food residues from oven tops. Finish by mopping a hard floor area or vacuum carpeted ones.

Living areas

Clear any boxes, plastics, and cardboard from tabletops and flooring and put them in the relative recycling bag or box. Put the rest of the leftovers and scraps in bin bags ready for your next rubbish collection.

Return any ornaments and other items to their original place. Dust all furniture and vacuum carpets, rugs, and upholstery.


Wipe down the shower cubicle and bath. Clean the toilet with the appropriate disinfectant wipes and under rim spray. Polish mirrors and cabinets and mop hard floor areas or vacuum carpeted ones.

Guest bedrooms

Change bed linens and wash on a hot wash cycle. Dust all furniture and check that no personal items have been left behind. Vacuum thoroughly.

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Why not use professional after party cleaning services?

Local after party cleaning services are the ideal solution to take the stress out of getting your house back to normal. After event cleaning is just one of the specialities offered by reputable Oxford cleaning services.

Domestic cleaners in Abingdon are highly trained and have years of industry experience. All of the specialist equipment needed to complete the clean will be brought directly to your door, and your service will be fully insured from start to finish for your peace of mind. A post-party clean will make sure:

  • All dishes and glassware are washed and put away, and your kitchen left spotless
  • Living areas cleaned, polished, and returned to normal
  • Bathrooms hygienically cleaned
  • Bedrooms cleaned and tidied
  • Bins emptied and rubbish removed

Your chosen Oxford cleaning company will have a full range of appointment options available, including slots at the weekend, and you can request any additional tasks you’d like to be carried out such as breaking down rented tables and chairs ready to return. You’ll be able to get a free quote without any obligations before your after party cleaning service is carried out.

Want to take advantage of both before and after party cleaning in Oxford? You’ll be able to arrange for cleaners in Oxford to deep clean your property ready for your special occasion to take place, and to do all the hard work for you after your party has finished and your guests returned home.