Is your carpet really clean after you vacuum it?

Is your carpet really clean after you vacuum it?

Carpeting and rugs used to be a luxury in days gone by. But today, almost every household has some type of fabric floor covering that plays an important role in your household. With this in mind, no matter what type of cleaning regime you follow, you may be wondering what the effects of vacuuming your carpet are. In this article, the experts from our carpet cleaning services bring you informative details about this topic so that you can be better armed with knowledge about how to truly get your carpets clean. Let’s get started.

What role does carpeting play in your home?

First things first, the experts who carry out our professional rug cleaning in Abingdon note that carpeting has an important role to play in your household. It is primarily used for noise reduction and as an anti-slip surface. However, it also serves an aesthetic purpose, too, helping to match and emphasise certain pieces of furniture or decor in your home. 

How dirty is your carpet?

According to our carpet and upholstery cleaners in Oxford, carpets and rugs – despite how aesthetically pleasing they may be – can trap a lot of dirt in the fibres. Especially if they consist of thick piles. In addition to trapping dirt though, your carpets are exposed to a lot of dust and airborne particles due to high foot traffic. In some cases, the problem can be exacerbated by the presence of pets. And further to this, the dirt trapped in your carpets can also be affected by moisture levels in the carpet or the humidity of the air near your carpets. This is why several organisations such as the US National Center for Healthy Housing recommend that no wall-to-wall carpets are installed in wet rooms such as bathrooms, basements and kitchens. 

What happens when you vacuum your carpet and is it really clean afterwards?

If you clean your carpet regularly, the chances are that you use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. However, it is highly recommended that you use a HEPA vacuum cleaner, which means one that has a high-efficiency particulate air filter. This is much more likely to trap dirt lodged in your carpets than ordinary vacuum cleaners. And if such vacuum cleaners are used on your carpets, the chances are that it is possible to reduce allergens and causes of asthma. However, these results will greatly depend from household to household and vacuum cleaner to vacuum cleaner.

What alternatives do you have for cleaning carpets?

The US National Center for Healthy Housing recommends that if you truly want to get rid of allergens and asthma irritants from your home, you should engage in some carpet disinfecting in the form of steam cleaning and hot water extraction. These methods require minimal water and can leave your carpets nearly dry after the cleaning procedure is finished. As such, your carpets will be cleaner, the air in your home will be fresher and your family members will be able to breathe that much easier without allergens and with reduced asthmatic conditions. 

What else should you consider cleaning?

One last recommendation that the National Center for Healthy Housing recommends is that if you want a truly clean home, you shouldn’t ignore other aspects. This means that apart from your carpets, you should also ensure that you have your drapes and curtains as well as upholstered furnishings properly deep cleaned as well. 

In conclusion

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