Is Professional Office Cleaning Important For Your Health?

Is Professional Office Cleaning Important For Your Health?

A clean office makes employees happier and healthier. It’s official! Research has shown that over 50% of office workers say they feel less stressed working in a clean office environment and these clean spaces are linked to lower stress levels.

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Regular office cleaning helps keep workers healthier and reduces absences due to sickness, so it really is a vital part of an employers duty of care. Increasing the cleaning schedule is essential during the ongoing threat of coronavirus as deep cleaning minimises the risk of transmission within the workforce.

Looking after the physical and mental health of office workers is key and keeping office areas spotlessly clean can be easily achieved by hiring professional office cleaners. And when you arrange office cleaning in Oxford, for example, you’ll be able to book an after-hours appointment or one at the weekend.

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See the benefits of professional office cleaning

Improves air quality

Dust and dirt can become embedded in carpets and upholstery so a regular cleaning schedule eliminates this risk. By maintaining a consistent schedule of wiping down surfaces, vacuuming carpets, and cleaning furniture respiratory irritants are reduced and the office’s overall air quality is improved.

Gives great first impressions

A clean and tidy office shows that your company cares about the health and well-being of office workers and feel a responsibility towards the working environment. This will be evident to clients and investors whenever they visit as you’ll always be prepared with a professional appearance and welcoming atmosphere.

Makes the workplace safer

When carpeted and hard flooring areas are well maintained, clean and dry this prevents slips and trips. And reducing clutter results in fewer accidents.

Increases productivity

In a recent study over 70% of participants reported higher productivity levels when working in a clean office environment. As regular deep cleaning also removes germs and bacteria this also minimises workplace absence from minor illnesses, particularly coughs and colds.

Gives a sense of pride

Having a clean office has a positive impact as the workspace is healthy and inviting. Being happy on a daily basis in this work environment also encourages commitment and loyalty.

What does professional office cleaning cover?

Office deep cleaning services in Oxford will ensure that every part of your premises is cleaned. See a detailed checklist below:

  • Floors and walls will be sponged down
  • Kitchen areas and bathroom facilities will be sanitised
  • Electronic devices will be carefully dusted
  • Furniture will be polished
  • Carpets will be vacuumed
  • Hard flooring areas will be swept and mopped
  • Bins will be emptied and rubbish taken out
  • Recycling duties will be handled

If you require any additional tasks to be carried out these professional cleaning services can easily be expanded to cater for your business needs.

Are there office cleaners near me?

If you live in Oxfordshire including the areas of Kidlington and Thame then there’s a cleaning company for you! Commercial office cleaning in Abingdon provided by BeClean have office cleaners with years of industry experience.

Commercial cleaning covers Abingdon and Banbury, Henley-on-Thames, Islip, and more. And Oxford deep cleaning services are available on a regular basis with a choice of daily, weekly, or monthly schedules to suit your working requirements.

Other commercial cleaning services provided by BeClean include industrial cleaning where stronger cleaning products and solutions are needed and post building cleaning following construction or renovation. This service can also be used for new builds and refurbished properties to ensure they’re ready for new occupancy. Specialist school cleaning services can also be carried out by cleaners in Oxford who have been carefully reference-checked, ID vetted and are fully insured for your peace of mind.