How to keep an indoor-outdoor carpet clean

How to keep an indoor-outdoor carpet clean

Decks, patios, sunrooms and porches are gorgeous places we have as part of our homes to relax and spend time in. They are made particularly cosier and more comfortable with the addition of indoor-outdoor carpets or rugs. These can be either pre-installed and wall-to-wall or standalone rugs that are movable. They are also made of a variety of materials, usually coarser, rubber-like or even made of recycled materials to withstand all the foot traffic that these carpets usually get over the summer season, Either way, and much like interior carpets, they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. If you have questions about carpet indoor-outdoor cleaning take a look at the advice from our experts below.

Standalone indoor-outdoor carpets and rugs

Cleaning carpets for outside (as well as rugs) should be done on a regular basis. As a starting point, you’ll want to remove small pieces of furniture near or on the carpeting so that you vacuum it thoroughly to remove dirt and debris that’s gathered on it. You will also want to deal with stains by cleaning them specifically using a mixture of dishwashing detergent and water. Remember to use a medium-bristled brush (only if the fibres of the carpeting allow for it) so as not to damage it and try to get the stain out. Rubbing is not advisable because it will generally ingrain the stain even deeper in the carpet, making it much more difficult to remove. 

A further step that you can take to keep your indoor-outdoor carpets clean is to hose them down with water. Hang them up and spray them using the nozzle of your hosepipe. Let them dry outdoors with naturally moving air. This could take a couple of hours or even a full day, depending on the thickness of your carpet and the material it is made from. Be armed with patience and the results will follow. This is one of the best ways to answer your question of how to clean an outdoor rug.

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Wall-to-wall carpeting 

Wall-to-wall carpeting such as deck carpet cleaning is a slightly different matter. While you should once again remove all or most of the furniture from the area’s surroundings to give you more space to better vacuum the carpet, it’s also advisable to work in a methodical manner starting from one side of the room and working your way down to the other side. Be sure to use a setting on your vacuum cleaner’s suction module which will not harm your carpets. Use the lowest setting possible. This is because these types of carpets have a generally low pile.

Once again, stains and spills should be dealt with right away and if you have a mud stain for example, it’s a good idea to let it dry and then use a dull object to help you scrape the mud off before using a dishwashing detergent and water solution to get the indoor-outdoor carpet clean. 

If the carpeting is made of finer fabrics and they are more prone to stains and retaining odours, you should consider opting for professional carpet cleaning services or deep carpet cleaning services to help ensure your home’s carpeting is as clean and odour-free as possible. 

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Whatever fabric and material your indoor-outdoor carpet or rug is made of, our cleaners can take care of stains, spills and odours professionally. So, if you’re looking for expert carpet cleaning services in Abingdon and you’re not sure where to start, choose Be Clean to help you with your carpet cleaning needs. We offer a wide portfolio of carpet & upholstery cleaning services to meet every household’s unique needs in a thoughtful, friendly, efficient and effective manner. All that’s needed now is to get in touch with us. We’re just a click or a call away.