How to Clean Toilet Limescale and More

How to Clean Toilet Limescale and More

Due to their continuous exposure to hard water, our trusty toilet bowls are often the victims of limescale. This means that your toilet bowl can therefore undergo a process of discolouration, while the actual limescale build up is unsightly to see. Limescale often finds its way in our kettles, hot water boilers and pipework, particularly when hot water is involved. But what exactly is limescale and how can you remove limescale from a toilet? We offer some useful advice below.

What is limescale?

Limescale is a hard, chalky substance that is composed of calcium carbonate. It occurs where hard water evaporates. It happens when water moves through softer rocks such as limestone or chalk. The water will then pick up some of these rocks’ minerals and these will remain in your water when it reaches your home. This can result in discolouration of your toilet with a variety of colours ranging from off-white to greys, pinks or even reddish browns. Apart from the fact that it is not easy to clean, and of course unsightly, it is also a cause for concern because it can lead to damage to your plumbing and heating components. 

Mythbusting: how not to clean limescale in a toilet

When you think about removing limescale from a toilet bowl, it’s natural to assume that bleach is the answer to all your problems. Although it’s a common household detergent, which can remove really tough stains and even disinfect, answering the question does bleach remove limescale is a negative one. Therefore, bleach does not remove limescale from your toilet. Instead, what it does is simply brighten or fade the discolouration. As a result, you could face more serious problems in the future because you won’t be able to see the limescale and you won’t be able to address the damage it is causing.

A further myth regarding getting rid of limescale in a toilet involves the use of the Coca Cola product. Some people say that by pouring a bottle of the liquid into your toilet bowl and leaving it overnight will get rid of limescale. Tests, however, show that you’re more likely to end up with a Coca Cola stain in your toilet bowl, as opposed to having a clean toilet.

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How to clean toilet limescale

In order to clean your toilet bowl from limescale the right way and descale it, there are a couple of household things you can use without having to break the bank. All you’ll need is some white vinegar, lemon and sandpaper. Here’s what you need to do:

Method 1: Cleaning with white vinegar

Take one litre of undiluted white vinegar and pour it into your toilet bowl while ensuring that you pour it all over the interior sides of your toilet. Next, wait around three hours and allow the vinegar to sit. After this period has passed, you can use your toilet brush, dipped in more white vinegar, to scrub the bowl. When ready, flush to remove all the residue and if this only removes parts of the limescale, the process should be repeated until your toilet bowl looks new again. 

Method 2: Cleaning with lemon

The second method for cleaning limescale from a toilet involves the use of lemon. Simply follow the steps mentioned in Method 1 above. The acidity of lemon can help wash away smaller limescale deposits and you won’t need to scrub as intensively.

Method 3: Cleaning with sandpaper or pumice stones

Scrub the toilet bowl using both medium-grain and fine-grain sandpaper. However, you should be extremely cautious in terms of applying pressure as this could cause scratches inside the bowl. Once done, you should flush the loo to get rid of any residue. 

Method 4: Preventing limescale build up with water softeners

This is a more costly approach and involves installing a water softener in your home. By their very nature, they will remove the minerals that are contained in hard water and this can act as a preventative measure as opposed to a cleaning method. 

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