How To Choose Office Cleaning Services

How To Choose Office Cleaning Services

Keeping your workplace clean will ensure that the environment stays safe and sanitary. Bacteria thrive in offices due to people spending so many hours there – so a clean workspace means less sickness and a reduction in lost working days.

Clean offices not only give good first impressions to clients but also increase employee’s productivity. Office cleanliness also reduces hazards such as boxes in corridors, and potential fire risks like cardboard and paper left lying around.

There’s an entire range of professional office cleaning companies on the market, and hiring the right cleaning service is essential to keep your working environment both clean and well-maintained.

Want to know how to choose office cleaning services that will meet your requirements? Read on…

Frequently asked questions

How do I work out my cleaning needs?

Make a list of all the things and areas you would like to be cleaned, and then add the extras such as cleaning windows, and emptying bins. Then you can choose a company that will handle all of those tasks for you.

How much does it cost to hire office cleaners?

You can get a range of price quotes for professional office cleaning online. Ideally, technicians from the commercial office cleaning company will make a visit to your premises to see what jobs you need to be completed. Then you’ll be issued with a quote which you can compare with others to get the best deal.

Bear in mind that basing your choice on the cheapest isn’t always advisable as paying slightly more may get you all the added extras you need. For more information visit our booking page in order to see prices for the specific services you need, contact us if you have any questions we will be happy to help you.

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Will I have to sign a contract?

Not always. Many deep cleaning services come with a contract that ensures they provide a professional service for a specified amount of time. You can often request a trial period for a month before deciding whether to continue with the service.

Most cleaning companies will provide you with a detailed work document that specifies the cleaning tasks that can be undertaken. And you may get a contract-free deal depending on the cleaning company.

How do I know if the cleaning company is reliable?

Check out online reviews to verify satisfaction from actual customers. There should many happy clients providing evidence of quality cleaning, effectiveness, and reliability. Sharing references will be done gladly by trustworthy service providers.

Is the cleaning service insured?

You should look for office cleaning services that provide proof of insurance in the form of public liability – this will protect you against costs that may be incurred if a cleaner becomes injured in your workplace. And you need to know that a replacement cleaner will be provided in the case of illness or holidays.

Will the cleaners be trained?

Want to know if the cleaners are properly trained and if they have certification to prove this? An experienced company won’t have any problems with giving you this information.

Can I choose when the cleaners come to clean my office?

Another factor you need to take into account is if the commercial cleaning company can accommodate you on the days and times when you need them. Many companies will offer the same appointment at the same time on a daily, weekly, or monthly for your convenience. One thing to bear in mind is that all companies work different hours of operation.

Dependable cleaners will finish the allocated tasks within your deadlines, and will often customise their service to suit you. You may also be able to arrange to pay by the hour rather than for the service in its entirety.

Will I be able to get to change the date or time of my appointment?

Make sure this is easy to do as communication is really important when choosing a service provider. Is getting in touch with the cleaning company straightforward? You should be able to call or use online facilities to make any changes and receive a helpful and friendly response. Remember that the job of the cleaning company is to provide you with a service that understands and meets your needs.

Can we help to keep our office clean?

Small things can really help with the everyday office cleanliness. What’s recommended? Wiping shoes on entrance mats, not eating at your desk, keeping clutter to a minimum, washing up and cleaning work surfaces after using the kitchen, and making sure the toilet facilities are sanitary.

Are there any cleaners near me?

You can easily find out this information by using an online search for office deep cleaning. Need an Oxford cleaning company? Simply enter your postcode to get results. Or you can research office cleaning in Oxford online.

Oxford cleaning services from Abingdon cleaners are designed to be high-quality and convenient, delivered to you by trained and trustworthy cleaners. You’ll be able to book a fully insured service online or by phone, knowing that the cleaners you’re hiring are vetted and reference checked. And offering appointments that suit you!