How to best plan after party cleaning services

How to best plan after party cleaning services

Our local cleaners in Abingdon know just how much planning goes into putting together the perfect party. Whether it’s a golden anniversary, a birthday party, a Christening, engagement or anything else – planning the food, drinks, venue, parking, entertainment and everything else in between, it’s a lot of work! 

And once the festivities are over, you’re left with the aftermath of people having a good time. This often means quite a mess left at your chosen venue. And to get it in spick and span condition once again, you need to carefully plan your after party cleaning in Abingdon. 

With this in mind, our professional domestic cleaners have put together a couple of important tips and tricks that you need to consider when planning your after party cleaning. Take a look below.

How to best plan your after party cleaning in Oxford

The domestic house cleaners in Oxford at Be Clean know a thing or two about after party cleaning and planning it in the best way possible so you don’t have to. Here’s what tips they offer to help ensure a smoother process and getting the venue back in perfect shape.

  1. Plan ahead 

Yes, planning for the party is a lot of work in and of itself but planning for the after party clean up is another thing altogether. To make sure that you’re properly prepared and organised, consider minimising the potential for the accumulation of dirt and rubbish by strategically placing bins around the venue that your guest can make use of. If they throw away party plates and paper cups themselves, that means less work for you in terms of cleaning up.

  1. Factor in enough time

It’s also wise to factor in enough time. Make sure that you always add an extra couple of hours to the cleaning up efforts as opposed to factoring in too little time, which will be frustrating for your team and efforts. Even if you finish earlier than anticipated, that still means that your cleaning efforts will be smoother and you’ll have less pressure to clean up.

  1. Cleaning materials

As part of your party planning efforts, make sure that you also plan your cleaning materials. Rubbish bags, detergents, equipment and all other cleaning supplies should be purchased and prepared beforehand and stored in a convenient place so that you can simply take them out and start the cleaning process.

  1. Gather the right team and appoint a team leader

You also need to gather a cleaning team and appoint a team leader for your efforts. The size of your team will depend on the size of the venue and the anticipated levels of cleaning up that will need to be done. But after you select your team, be sure to appoint a team leader who can be approached if things go wrong or if any questions need to be answered.

  1. Focus on the “hidden” areas, too

There are many “hidden” areas that will need to be cleaned up as well. Think bathrooms and parking lots. It’s amazing where guests can leave their unfinished glasses of champagne so be prepared to give a thorough and deep clean.

  1. Arrange for waste removal

Waste removal will be one of the final steps in the cleaning process, but if you don’t arrange this ahead of time, you’ll be stuck with rubbish that you can’t dispose of properly. Also make sure that your waste removal services can help you with the recycling of the used materials.

  1. Plan for the unexpected

It’s unpleasant to clean up but sometimes you’ll have to be prepared to clean up messes like vomit or other things. Planning for the worst case scenario is another good idea. The better prepared you are, the less likely you’ll be phased by surprises.

  1. Use a professional cleaning service

And our final tip if you don’t want to go to all that trouble is to use a professional cleaning service in Oxford. The Be Clean cleaning service in Abingdon offers after party cleaning in addition to domestic cleaning in Abingdon, an oven cleaning service or even one off cleaning services in Abingdon. Our pros have just the right tools and know all the tips and tricks to get your venue spotless again with little hassle and greater peace of mind for you.

When you need professional domestic cleaning services in Abingdon 

When you need professional domestic cleaning in Oxford, you know that you can always rely on the pros at Be Clean. We’ve been taking care of homes and commercial properties for years and our extensive experience and knowledge means that you get a professional service through and through. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your after party cleaning service and you can rest assured that you’ll have one less planning hassle when it comes to planning your big event.