How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets This Spring?

How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets This Spring?
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Clean bedding has many benefits including deterring dust mites, removing germs, and promoting comfort and well-being. Without regular washing, dirty sheets can contribute to allergies, asthma, and poor sleep quality.

How often should you wash your sheets this spring?

This really depends on your lifestyle when warm weather can mean more outdoor exercise which can lead to excess sweat and odour. Also, the natural accumulation of microorganisms increases with the heat and humidity making your bedding the ideal habitat for dust mites.

How often should you wash your sheets? During the winter months, you can change your sheets once a fortnight, but a weekly routine in the spring and summer is recommended with sheets changed and washed every week. Drying sheets and pillow cases in direct sunlight is another effective method of killding micro-organisms and following up with ironing on a hot temperature setting will kill any leftover bacteria.

Pillowcases should be changed every week regardless of the season as bacteria from your face can be transferred directly onto them. The pillows themselves should be washed about every three months, and a more regular wash can really be beneficial to get rid of dead skin and mites.

Duvets should be washed at least twice a year and washing them at home will depend on your duvet type and the load capacity of your washing machine. You may need to take them to the dry cleaners or the launderette. Bear in mind that you need to dry your duvet as quickly as possible as they can hold moisture and if left damp can smell unpleasant and harbour mould and mildew.

Mattress protectors should also be cared for on a regular basis and washed every two months. This would change if spillages occur or if your child or pet has an accident on the bed. And mattresses themselves can be vacuumed with an upholstery attachment every couple of months.

Research has shown that hot water is the most effective way to eliminate dust mites and other allergens. The best temperature to wash bedding is at least 60 degrees Celcius as using a lower temperature to wash bedding will get rid of the dirt but not the pathogens.

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Help to keep sheets clean between washes

Bedding hygiene between washes can be improved if you:

  • Bath or shower before going to bed
  • Remove make-up beforehand
  • Put on any lotions earlier to allow them to dry
  • Don’t eat or drink in bed
  • Stop pets from going on the bed

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