How Often Should You Deep Clean Your House?

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your House?

A dirty home can have many unpleasant side effects causing sickness from unhygienic conditions, with prolonged exposure to mould weakening your immune system. Indoor allergens can result in runny noses and scratchy throats, possibly resulting in respiratory problems.

Fabrics can be a source of bacteria with bed linens contributing to skin conditions, and a cluttered home is known to increase stress and anxiety. Keeping your house clean will prevent these allergies and the spread of germs, and make a much better living environment.

How often should you deep clean your house? Read on…


Making the beds and doing the laundry every day will get your day off to a good start. Head for the kitchen and wash up, putting all the clean tableware and cutlery away. Wipe down all the countertops with anti-bacterial wipes, disinfect the sink, and brush or vacuum the floor.

Then you can concentrate on the bathroom with a quick wipe down of all the surfaces and the shower, followed by disinfecting the basin and the toilet.

On a weekly basis

Change the beds, and dust and vacuum the bedrooms – cleaning any mirrors. In the bathroom change towels, face cloths, and bath mats. Scrub all surfaces and mop or vacuum the floor.

Downstairs concentrate on kitchen appliances such as the microwave, cleaning inside and out. Check the fridge for out-of-date food, and mop or vacuum the floor. Don’t forget to change dishcloths and sponges to prevent spreading germs.


Focus on all the extras now, like dusting and cleaning light fittings, skirting boards, and blinds. Clean the insides of the dishwasher and the washing machine, and vacuum vents and woodwork.

Every three to six months

Now you can concentrate on more intensive cleaning such as under and behind furniture, the inside of the oven and the hood, and cleaning out the freezer. Descale the coffee maker and the kettle, and pour disinfectant down the drains.

Mattresses, shower curtains, and pillows will all benefit from a good clean. Other places that may need attention include outdoor spaces like the patio or decking areas.

Every six to 12 months

It’s recommended that you have your carpets cleaned twice a year to ensure indoor air quality remains high. For deep cleaning of your carpet and upholstery why not consider booking trusted deep cleaning services and get the experts to do the job for you?


Once a year you should look at cleaning the chimney and fireplace if this is applicable, clear out guttering, clean tumble dryer vents, and wash your curtains.

Call in the professionals

If you don’t have the time or the energy to deep clean your home on a regular basis simply use domestic deep cleaning services from a reputable service provider. You’ll be able to find domestic deep cleaning Abingdon technicians ready to help you on a weekly or monthly basis.

These home deep cleaning services are designed to be fully flexible, so there’ll always be a time during the week or at the weekend that’s convenient. And you’ll get the same cleaner for every session so that you can build up a friendly working relationship.

Residential deep cleaning can be tailored to meet your needs – you can schedule regular cleaning appointments, or arrange a one-off deep clean. And you can provide a list of tasks for the cleaners to work through.

Deep cleaning prices are easily accessed – all you need to do is fill in details on the online booking form and you’ll be sent a quote without any obligation. Then you can book your professional deep cleaning services in exactly the same way!