How much is too much: carpet cleaning cost

How much is too much: carpet cleaning cost

A clean carpet is a healthy carpet! Carpet is notorious for hosting allergens, duct, and bacteria. Airborne particles can lead to breathing problems, and contaminants can cause wide-ranging health issues. Dirty carpeting can also obstruct airflow, especially in areas adjacent to the wall.

Having your carpet professionally cleaned will ensure that all of these problems are resolved, and the life of your carpet will ultimately be extended. Want a carpet cleaning estimate? Look at how much is too much: carpet cleaning costs are detailed here…

Carpet Cleaning Charges

The average carpet cleaning cost for a three bedroomed house with two reception rooms and a hallway is around £150. For small houses, this price can range between £100 and £180, and for larger properties, this can increase to between £270 and £450.

Some companies provide quotes based on room size and type, and typical costs here are:

  • Large front room – £35.00
  • Stairs and landing –£30.00
  • Small bedroom – £20.00
  • Large bedroom – £27.00

Your carpet cleaning cost may have a minimum charge so it may work out more budget-friendly if you arrange to get carpets cleaned throughout your property rather than hiring carpet cleaners for just one or two rooms. If you own a smaller home you may find costs increase as the company needs to offset material and travel costs.

Bear in mind if you have stubborn stains that need removing the cost may increase due to the time it takes to carry out the extra work. And if you haven’t removed any furniture before the cleaning takes place you may incur an extra charge. You’ll need to discuss this with your carpet cleaning company before your service begins.

Your carpet clean should include all labour, products used, and a guarantee for the standard of cleaning. And full-insurance is a must-have to ensure you’re protected if anything goes wrong.

A budget for apartment carpet cleaning should be around £20.00 to £60.00 per room, and for your stairs work on about £2.00 per individual step.

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Types of Carpet Cleaning

Also affecting the cost will be the type of carpet cleaning you require. The best cleaning method will be determined by the loops in the carpet material, and the way that the fibres twist – loose, medium, or tight.

The most frequently used method is steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction. High pressure is used to push extremely hot water and detergent deep into the carpet fibres. The resulting moisture alongside all the agitated dirt and grime is then removed by suction.

Carpet cleaners may use portable electric steam cleaners or vehicle-mounted equipment which provides more powerful suction. The cost of steam cleaning your carpets will depend on the square footage of your carpet, but an average cost for a three-bedroom house could be as low as £150.

Dry carpet cleaning is also known as low-moisture or encapsulation cleaning and uses absorbent powder brushed into the carpet or rug fibre to attract the dirt and dust. This is an ideal cleaning method for delicate fabrics that are prone to shrinkage. It uses minimal water for a faster clean but doesn’t reach as deeply as powerful steam cleaning methods.

Dry cleaning carpet prices for an entire property typically range from £250 to £450 depending on the type of property and the carpet sizes. On occasion, the cleaning service may impose a cap on room size and if the room exceeds a certain square footage a charge will be made for two rooms.

If the charge seems excessively low this may be related to a service that doesn’t come up to expected standards – resulting in stains that remain after the cleaning process and detergent residue that discolours the carpet fibres.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The cost of commercial carpet cleaning will be of a lower rate due to surfaces tending to be easier to access with less furniture than in a residential property. These bigger surface areas also result in more economic practice, particularly as the overall appearance is more important than dealing with individual stains.

Commercial and office carpet cleaning costs range from around £1.00 per square foot.

Choosing Your Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaning prices will vary depending on the way a company determines rates, the type of carpet cleaning required, and the number of additional cleaning add-ons, such as stain removal and stain prevention treatments.

When choosing carpet cleaning in Abingdon, for example, you’ll need to know that the service performed is effective and provides value for money. Carpet cleaning rates for Abingdon cleaners is £35.00 per room, with a professional rug cleaning cost dependant on the size of the rug. Rug cleaning prices are on average up to £6.00 per square foot.

Contact BeClean Abingdon cleaners by phone or online for an accurate professional carpet cleaning cost. The carpet cleaning service offered will remove dust mites, make things safe for allergy-sufferers, and prolong your carpet’s lifespan.