How Long Should A Carpet Last In Your Home?

How Long Should A Carpet Last In Your Home?

Your carpet has many distinct benefits including flexibility, cushioning, and warmth. Its excellent insulation reduces heat loss and also absorbs sound. Your carpet can be luxurious or casual and comfy – the choice is yours!

How long should a carpet last?

This frequently asked question has a range of answers as there isn’t really a definite expiry date. Typically if your carpet is of high quality and is well taken care of it can last anywhere between five and fifteen years.

In an average household of up to four residents, this is usually reduced to three to five years due to wear and tear caused by children and pets! Your carpet lifetime will be determined by usage, carpet material, and also if you’re able to properly clean and maintain it.

When is it time for a carpet change?

Old carpet soon becomes obvious as it starts to reveal irreversible signs that it has seen better days. Matted carpeted areas on your main walkways with loss of tuft, small tears and rips, and stains caused by spills or pets are all tell-tale signs that your need to be replacing your old carpet.

Carpet that produces an unpleasant smell can also be an issue. Often the odour will penetrate deep into the carpet fibres, indicating mould and mildew growth in the carpet itself or in the padding underneath. In these circumstances, it can be more cost-effective to actually replace the entire carpet completely.

Loss of colour or fading are two other factors of an ageing carpet. Exposure to sunlight and some cleaning materials can change the colour of some carpet materials, and often your carpet will simply fade due to its age. If the colour becomes uneven this may result in you wanting to make a change.

Signs of old padding on the back of your carpet include wrinkles and unevenness on the carpet’s surface and it can also make a crinkling noise when you walk on it.

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How can I increase the lifespan of my carpet?

How long should a carpet last in a home? As mentioned before the lifespan of your carpet depends on the type of carpet you have. For example, a Berber carpet made from Olefin may only last three years before it starts to lay flat, but one made from nylon has a life expectancy of up to 10 years.

Choosing a hardwearing material such as polypropylene is one of your best options. This carpet type is designed to resist spills, dust, and dirt, and is also resistant to stains. Nylon carpet is the most durable of synthetic fibres and can stretch without losing its shape.

Wool carpets are natural fibres that don’t smell and are highly resistant to abrasion, and silk carpets being the most expensive are also very durable. Good quality padding is also an important consideration as this will also help to make your carpet last longer. Even in a room that’s seldom used the padding will deteriorate over time if it’s not high quality.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your carpeted areas are two key factors that can make your carpet look good for longer. Vacuuming on a daily or weekly basis depending on foot traffic will keep your carpet free from dirt that can damage the carpet fibres, maximising carpet protection. Removing stains as possible will prevent further problems in the future and also avoid unpleasant smells.

Simply calling in a professional carpet cleaning company twice a year to carry out a deep cleaning service will prolong your carpet’s lifespan. You’ll be able to choose a convenient appointment and your service will be carried out by fully trained carpet cleaning experts.