How Clean Does A Rental Property Need To Be?

How Clean Does A Rental Property Need To Be?

So the tenancy agreement on your property in Oxford is coming to an end. During your tenancy, you should have kept on top of the cleaning by wiping worktops, vacuuming, and dusting – and made sure that a safe environment has been maintained to avoid any health and safety issues.

But now you’ve got responsibilities to leave the property as clean as it was when you first moved in. How clean does a rental property need to be? Read on to find out more…

Tenant cleaning responsibilities

In order to get your deposit back in full you’ll need to:

  • Clean according to the inventory report included with your tenant agreement
  • Achieve the level of cleanliness documented before you moved in
  • Use your move-in inventory as a comprehensive cleaning guide
  • Ensure that your property is cleaned immediately prior to your move-out date

You don’t legally need to hire an end of tenancy cleaning company in Oxford but it can be the perfect solution.

Landlord cleaning responsibilities

Your landlord is responsible for cleaning all communal areas such as hallways and stairs and is usually responsible for the upkeep of the exterior of the building such as gutter and window cleaning.

The outside of the property should be well maintained with lawns mowed and flower beds weeded, and wheelie bins and recycling boxes provided.

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Understanding fair wear and tear meaning

In your tenancy agreement, there will be fair wear and tear exceptions that are expected to happen in a property over time. This is typically defined as reasonable use of the property. Damage caused intentionally to windows, doors, furniture, or walls will potentially instigate a dispute, particularly if there are start of tenancy photographs.

An example of fair wear and tear can be applied to carpeted areas of the property. As carpets naturally wear over time a brand new carpet at the start of a tenancy may not be in pristine condition after a year of use. However, it can still be clean and not subject to stains, rips, or burns. To ensure the carpets are as clean as they possibly can be you could hire an end of tenancy carpet cleaning company in Oxford with technicians that specialise in this task.

End of tenancy carpet cleaning in Oxford is affordable and highly effective. You’ll be able to ask for a free, no-obligational quote upfront so that you can budget for the cost. There won’t be any contracts or commitments and no hidden charges. And you’ll be able to arrange an appointment that fits in with your moving schedule – even if that’s at the weekend.

Professional cleaners will use modern techniques and stain removal solutions to ensure that carpeted areas are returned to your pre-tenancy state. Experienced and trained carpet cleaners will know how to handle all types of carpet fabric – and you can request that your sofa and upholstery be cleaned at the same time.

Know what your inventory report means

Your inventory report should give you the following information:

  • The date that the inventory report was created
  • A list of all fixtures, fittings, appliances, and equipment alongside their condition
  • Meter readings
  • Photos and videos of any known damage to the property
  • Names and addresses of everyone named in the agreement
  • A list of keys each tenant has

See what checks to carry out

You can determine how much cleaning needs to be done on individual items by comparing the specific condition of them now against how they were documented when you moved in. The list below will give you a guide as to items that you should inspect:

  • Ceilings, walls, doors, windows, and floors
  • Carpet and hard flooring areas
  • All paintwork
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Fixtures and fittings such as light switches and power sockets
  • Smoke detectors
  • Utility supplies

End of tenancy inspection and deposit return

Your end of tenancy inspection will often be carried out by your landlord using an independent inventory clerk to avoid any allegations of unfairness. Date-stamped photographs may also be used to prove any cases of inadequate cleaning.

You may have an initial inspection a few days prior to you moving out, giving you enough time to address any issues, followed by the final inspection on your leaving day.

Reasonable reductions will be taken from your deposit if your landlord believes you’ve violated the tenancy agreement and will be deducted from the deposit protection scheme that holds your deposit. Money cannot be deducted from your deposit to make the property cleaner than when you moved in.

Once your tenancy has ended and the final inspection completed your deposit will be returned to you from the deposit protection scheme which also provides a free adjudication service in the event of any dispute. Your deposit must be returned to you within 10 days following the agreement to the final sum.

Professional cleaning services in Oxford for end of tenancy

Need an end of tenancy professional cleaning in Abingdon? For the best end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford search for a highly trained cleaning team with experience of how to get the job done! You’ll be able to arrange next day services – ideal for fitting in with your move-out day.

Preparing for your landlord’s inspection will be the priority, so all the specialist tools and cleaning products needed will be brought to you. The comprehensive cleaning session will include every room in the property, with professional cleaners working on a carefully drawn up checklist of tasks that need to be done.

This service is a comprehensive clean of the entire property incorporating every task that needs to be completed to ensure that your landlord is satisfied with the results. You should remove all of your possessions before the service begins, and empty the fridge and freezer to enable defrosting to take place prior to your deep cleaning session.

Your end of tenancy clean will include but isn’t limited to:

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  • Kitchen appliances will be cleaned inside and out
  • The oven will be cleaned externally
  • Work surfaces will be hygienically wiped down
  • Cupboards and drawers will be cleaned inside and out
  • Sinks and taps will have limescale removed and be polished
  • Skirting boards, light fittings and fixtures will be dusted
  • Windows and sills will be cleaned
  • Hard floor areas will be mopped and carpeted areas vacuumed


  • Limescale will be removed from tiles before wiping down
  • Showerheads and taps will be descaled and polished
  • The bath and shower cabin will be cleaned
  • Cupboards, cabinets, fixtures and fittings will be cleaned and polished
  • Windows and doors will be washed
  • Toilet seat and bowl will be disinfected
  • Hard floors will be mopped


  • Windows and doors will be wiped down
  • Cupboards and wardrobes will be cleaned inside and out
  • Mirrors, pictures, skirting boards, light fittings and fixtures will be dusted and polished Carpets and under the bed will be thoroughly vacuumed

Living areas

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  • The TV, DVD and any electronic equipment will be carefully cleaned
  • Cupboards will be cleaned inside and out
  • All furniture will be polished
  • Skirting boards, light fittings and fixtures will be dusted
  • Doors, windows and sills will be wiped down
  • Sofas and chairs will be thoroughly vacuumed with cushions removed and behind and under areas attended to

You can ask for any specific tasks not included here to be added to your end of tenancy property cleaning service. Hiring a professional team will ensure you avoid any deposit disputes that can take months to resolve. And what’s more? You can sit back and relax whilst all the hard work is done for you!