Don’t let permanent marker stains ruin your upholstery

Don’t let permanent marker stains ruin your upholstery

Panic can quickly set in if you’ve got sharpie or permanent marker stains on your upholstery. You may think that this stain will never come out and that your upholstery is ruined for good. Before you rush to the dry cleaners for this type of stain, there are some steps you can take right in the comfort of your own home to attempt to get rid of permanent marker stains. Here’s some useful advice from our Abingdon cleaners.

How to get permanent marker off fabric

The distress caused by having permanent marker stains on your upholstery or fabric such as clothing can seem dooming. After all, the name “permanent” is a clear indication that you’re likely to have to live with this type of stain for good. Although a fresher stain is much easier to treat than one that’s been around for some time, there are some steps you can take at home to help you address this stain. So, without further ado, here are the steps for how to get sharpie out of upholstery.

Step 1

Lay the piece of clothing onto a stack of paper towels. If you have a fabric chair that is damaged by a permanent marker, this step will not be applicable although you should move the chair to a room that is well ventilated.

Step 2

Prepare the items you will need. These include isopropyl alcohol, alternatively gin or vodka. Other materials you will need are cotton buds for ears.

Step 3

You will first need to test out the alcohol on the fabric of your clothing or upholstery. This will mean dabbing the cotton bud in isopropyl alcohol and then applying it to an inconspicuous area of the fabric. Wait and see whether the alcohol results in a bleeding of colours or whether it is safe to use. NOTE: It’s highly advisable to avoid using this treatment method on wools, silks, leathers and other sensitive fabrics.

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Step 4

Once you’ve determined that the alcohol is safe to use, you should start dabbing the stain from the outside in or from top to bottom. As soon as your cotton ear bud is saturated with the ink of the permanent marker, take a new one, submerge it in the alcohol and repeat the process until the stain has been lifted.

Step 5

When the stain has been lifted, you will want to wash your fabric. If it’s a piece of clothing, you can wash it the usual way. However, be sure not to place it in a tumble dryer to dry but rather let it air dry. The reason for this is that the heat emitted in the tumble dryer will seal the stain in, ingraining it deeper and making it much harder to remove later. For best results, it’s always advisable to attempt this home treatment remedy as soon as possible after you’ve noticed the permanent marker stain. This is one of the best ways of removing sharpie from fabric.

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And there you have it. You now know how to get sharpie out of fabric. If you find that the stain is quite large, that the method mentioned above didn’t work or you’ve got fabric or upholstery that’s made of more sensitive materials, then you should consider getting in touch with our cleaners in Oxford. As part of one of the most reputable Oxford cleaning services, we’ve dealt with stains – both easy and difficult to get rid of. Based on our extensive expertise, you’ll have your fabric or upholstery looking great and importantly, stainless, once again. So, be sure to get in touch with us for any cleaning help you might need.