Do You Need To Vacuum Before A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

Do You Need To Vacuum Before A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

Once you’ve decided that you need to have your carpets cleaned by an expert you’re probably wondering what you should do before your carpet cleaner arrives. See how to prepare for a professional carpet cleaning service here…

What to do before the carpet cleaners arrive

Clear the area

Any clutter that will be in the way needs to be removed. Things such as plants, floor lamps, tables and chairs will all need to be moved to allow your carpet cleaning technician to do the job properly. Any personal items should also be tidied away.

Heavy furniture may be moved by your carpet cleaner but you will know prior to your appointment what can be moved for you and if there is an additional fee. Clearing the room as much as possible will also prevent any fragile items from being damaged.

Check out your carpet

Your carpet will be inspected by your carpet cleaner before any cleaning starts, but it’s very helpful if you carry out your own inspection first. Note the location of any stains and what caused them, and make a note of any high traffic and hidden areas that may need extra attention. This information will really help your carpet cleaner to become familiar with your particular concerns.

Protect your walls and curtains

It’s a good idea to use good quality painters tape to mask skirting boards, doorways, and any awkward corners. Foam padding is also a good alternative to ensure that hoses attached to the carpet cleaning equipment don’t mark any problem areas.

If you have floor-length curtains you can either take them down or tie them up away from the floor to stop them from getting wet and touching the damp clean carpet.

carpet up close

Vacuum before carpet cleaning

Do you need to vacuum before a professional carpet cleaning service? This frequently asked question is answered with a yes! This pre-vacuum will remove any surface dust, dirt, and pet dander, and give your carpet cleaner a blank canvas to work with. Vacuum thoroughly by taking small slow strokes to pick up as much loose debris as possible. By removing this top layer of dirt and dust your carpet cleaner will immediately be able to use hot water extraction methods to penetrate deep into the carpet fibres and extract pollutants and allergens that lie below the surface.

It’s also recommended that you do this so that you take care of your personal cleaning before your professional arrives.

Plan for family and pets

You will probably have already told your carpet cleaner that you have pets, but you’ll need to make sure that they stay away from the carpeted areas that are going to be cleaned. It’s worth considering sending them to friends or family just whilst your service is carried out.

You also need to tell the rest of your family to try not to walk on the newly cleaned carpets until they’re completely dry. Your carpet cleaner may provide you with shoe coverings but the best option is to avoid them completely. It takes a few hours but this drying time can be accelerated by opening windows and placing fans throughout.

Make room in your driveway

The hot water extraction machine that your carpet cleaner will use to deep clean your carpets is mounted in the truck, so if the vehicle can be parked on the driveway or on the kerb outside this is very helpful. And will make transporting the equipment into your property that much easier.

Locate your outside tap

On arrival, your carpet cleaning technician will connect the hose from the machine in the truck to the outside tap to get the necessary water to carry out your carpet clean. Don’t worry if you don’t have an outside tap as connecting to your indoor water supply will be an option.