Do You Need Regular Carpet Cleaning Services?

Do You Need Regular Carpet Cleaning Services?

Carpet cleaning is a really important part of household tasks as a dirty carpet can cause an entire range of health problems. Did you know that leaving your carpet uncleaned could lead to allergies, skin irritation, a weakened immune system, and respiratory issues?

Not maintaining your carpet can also lead to premature wear resulting in you having to replace it sooner as its life span has been shortened. So there are many benefits to using your local carpet cleaning services to keep your carpeted areas clean and healthy.

Do you need regular carpet cleaning services? Read on to find out more…

Tips on keeping your carpet clean

It’s recommended that you use deep carpet cleaning services every 12 to 18 months. In the meantime, you can keep on top of your carpet cleaning chores by vacuuming effectively on a weekly basis.

Moving furniture to vacuum underneath is a good idea although this isn’t necessary every week. However, there is a plan to vacuuming properly which includes wiping down areas first so that you don’t create extra dust! Work backwards going over the same area several times so that you don’t miss anything, and take your time.

You should treat stains as soon as possible as dried in stains are so much harder to remove. Soak up any excess liquid with a microfibre cloth or a clean towel before spraying with a cold water and washing up liquid mix. Leave it to sit for a few minutes before blotting from the outside in.

Use a clean damp cloth to remove any excess solution then blot the area dry with another clean towel removing any residues. Wait for the carpet to dry completely before vacuuming thoroughly.

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The benefits of professional carpet cleaning services

Carpet and upholstery cleaning services will include a pre-treatment of stains so that you don’t have to worry about damaging your carpet fibres. Experts that carry out domestic carpet cleaning services will have years of experience in determining what stain removers can be safely used.

Vacuuming doesn’t remove dust mites, bacteria or allergens from your carpets as these microbes are deep inside the carpet fibres. Advanced cleaning equipment and eco-friendly solutions will eliminate all dust, dirt, and pollutants trapped within the fabric.

Hot water extraction techniques are typically used as the extremely hot water and detergent mix injected deep into the carpet will agitate grime. A powerful suction will remove all debris alongside almost all of the excess water. Your carpets will need to dry which can be speeded up by opening windows or using a fan.

This method is highly recommended as there’s no product residue left behind and it’s specially designed for removing stains and is ideal for a general carpet refresher for microfibre, man-made, polyester and woollen materials.

Need carpet cleaning services in Oxford?

Domestic carpet cleaning services in Abingdon and across Oxfordshire will be carried out by vetted and fully trained technicians. You’ll also be able to arrange carpet and upholstery cleaning services as well as rug and sofa cleaning, and all services will be comprehensively insured for your peace of mind.

House and carpet cleaning services can also be provided as a package. You’ll never be tied down with a contract or obligations, and you’ll be able to add or skip sessions easily. Your cleaners will do the tasks that you request at a time that suits you – including weekends. And you’ll be able to tailor one-off cleaning sessions to meet your particular needs.

By booking regular carpet and house cleaning services you’ll save both time and energy as you can just sit back and relax whilst the professionals do all the hard work for you!