Do Self Cleaning Ovens Work As Advertised?

Do Self Cleaning Ovens Work As Advertised?

What is a self-cleaning oven? Basically, the self-clean function works by shooting extreme heat or steam throughout the interior of the oven to get rid of hardened food residues. This special feature starts the cleaning process at the touch of a button.

As soon as the required temperature is reached any grease, stains, and marks are turned to dust.

Following the reduction in temperature after the cleaning has ended, wiping the oven with a damp cloth will remove any excess dust.

Do self-cleaning ovens work as advertised? Read on…

Other types of self-cleaning ovens

Modern self-cleaning ovens are typically categorised as pyrolytic or:

Steam cleaning

A steam clean may be used as an alternative to the high-temperature cleaning process. The interior of these ovens has a special enamel coating that releases remnants attached to the walls when activated by low heat and steam. These systems tend to be quicker than pyrolytic versions but may not be able to remove hard baked-on stains so well.

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Continuous cleaning

With this system, the oven interior has walls that are rough with a porous enamel finish. The enamel contains metal oxides that help reduce any stains to ash as part of the cooking process. This is an ideal option for light spatters but bigger spills should be anticipated and added protective layers placed on the base of the oven.

Pros and cons of self-cleaning ovens

The benefits of a self-cleaning oven include:

  • A time-saving option
  • Results in a comprehensive clean
  • No chemicals required

Problems with self-cleaning ovens cover:

  • High temperatures can lead to deterioration of oven parts and lessen the lifespan
  • The exterior of the oven gets extremely hot during the cleaning process
  • Fumes may be irritating to people with respiratory problems and pets
  • Additional cleaning will need to be done before the self-clean programme and afterwards
  • A self-clean cycle can take from 30 minutes to six hours

An alternative solution

Why not consider booking a professional oven cleaner to carry out oven cleaning for you? Depending on the make of your oven this task will take about two hours to complete, and you can sit back and relax whilst the entire job is done for you.

Professional oven cleaning services will provide trained and experienced oven cleaning technicians, using eco-friendly products that can’t be bought over the counter. Cleaning solutions are odourless, and you’ll be able to use your oven as soon as the clean has been completed.

Your oven cleaner will also look at your oven components as they’re cleaned to ensure that they’re all working effectively. Any damage will be noted and you’ll be advised what action to take to ensure your appliance continues to work as effectively as possible.

Getting your oven professionally deep cleaned is recommended every six months to help prolong the life of your oven.

Oven cleaning in Oxfordshire

Finding a reputable Oxford cleaning company is simple! Domestic cleaners in Abingdon are vetted, referenced-checked, fully trained, and insured. Oven cleaning services are offered with a specially designed heated dip-tank located in the back of the vehicle, allowing disassembled parts of the dirty oven to have grease and grime removed easily. This is one of the most effective ways of appliance cleaning.

You’ll be able to arrange an appointment at a time that suits you. If you’re moving home, ending your tenancy, or just want a professional deep oven clean, you’ll be able to book a slot on a weekday or at weekends. And you can get a free, no-obligation quote upfront so you know exactly how much the service will cost.