Cleaning Outside Windows Out Of Reach

Cleaning Outside Windows Out Of Reach

Windows can accumulate dust and grime and within this dirt are certain nitrogen compounds which are linked to air pollution. Condensation caused by poorly maintained windows can increase the risk of mould and mildew growth around the frames.

Dust mites love dirty windows and can cause respiratory issues and allergic reactions which can also create airborne health hazards. So, it’s important that you keep your windows and surrounds clean. How do you go about cleaning outside windows out of reach? Read on…

Ground and First Floor Windows

It’s advisable to prepare all of the necessary cleaning equipment before you start. Essential supplies include:

  • A long-handled brush
  • A telescopic window cleaning kit that comprises of a telescopic pole, a squeegee with a rubber blade, and a strip washer
  • A bucket of warm water
  • 500ml white vinegar and 250ml washing up detergent – mix a solution and add to a bucket of warm water
  • Microfibre cloths

Using a ladder is only a good solution if you’re fit and healthy and feel safe climbing. For added security fit anti-slip ladder pads onto the feet to prevent movement and to protect the surface where the ladders will be positioned. Make sure the ladder is in good condition and look out for hazards such as cables as you clean.

A much safer method is to clean with an extendable pole and a homemade cleaning solution. The pole in this window cleaning kit can reach up to about 16 ft, which means you can easily reach windows up to the first floor.

Second Floor and Higher

It’s important that you choose a day to clean your windows that allow for the best drying times. Wet weather immediately following your clean will negate all the hard work, and prevent the windows from drying naturally.

Opt for a day with not too much sun and just a few clouds for the best results. Take the cleaning supplies with you and follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Use the long-handled brush to get rid of any excess dirt and dust from the windows and surrounds – including the sills
  • Place the strip washer into the warm water mix and for a couple of minutes before attaching to the extension pole
  • Scrub thoroughly from the corners until the entire surface has been covered
  • Replace the strip washer with the squeegee to remove the suds alongside the dirt – start at the top corner and bring it down to the bottom frame with even pressure and strokes
  • Remove all traces of water before buffing with a clean, dry microfibre cloth
  • To ensure there aren’t any dirty water spots left on the surface re-clean with a dry strip washer
  • Leaving the windows to air dry will give you a streak-free finish

Cleaning High Windows from the Inside

If you live in a block of flats, it’s a little more difficult to clean your outside windows safely. However modern technology has provided a U-shaped telescopic window cleaning pole that’s designed for washing exterior upper-floor windows without having to lean out of the window.

Magnetic window cleaners are yet another alternative –not fully automated – and the results are not always perfect and the procedure may need to be carried out several times to clean the glass completely.

High-grade cleaning robots are costly but effective. Theses robotic window cleaners combine automated movement with window cleaning technology and stick to the windows with motor-powered suction. Once stuck they automatically clean the window from edge to edge, allowing you to clean high, out-of-reach windows.

Hiring Professionals

If you haven’t got the time, the tools, or the confidence to clean your hard to reach outside windows then you can simply call in the professionals. You can easily request free quotes for trusted window cleaning services, and get your residential window cleaning done effectively, and at a time that suits you.

BeClean Abingdon is one of the window cleaning companies that you can rely on. Window washing services are provided by trained and dependable Abingdon cleaners – offering convenient and insured work for both home and business owners. Every window cleaner is carefully reference-checked, personally interviewed, and fully insured for your peace of mind.

Window cleaning Abingdon experts will need access to your property from the street as necessary. And only professional-grade products and equipment will be used to carry out your window cleaning service. You can choose a one-off appointment or make bookings for a regular ongoing service without any contracts.

Window cleaning can be carried out on many types of properties including:

  • Business parks and retail units
  • Detached, semi-detached, and terraced houses
  • Hotels, shops and restaurants
  • Office blocks
  • Schools, colleges, and universities

Professional window cleaners have all the right equipment and necessary training to perform the window cleaning jobs you need. Water-fed extension poles can reach up to the 4th floor of buildings and higher. You can relax and stay safe whilst the specialists clean out-of-reach outside windows for you.