Cleaning a Velvet Sofa – Should You Try It?

Cleaning a Velvet Sofa – Should You Try It?

It’s true that velvet sofas add a touch of class, elegance and sophistication to any living room. But with velvet being such a whimsical fabric, cleaning a velvet sofa is not as easy as it seems. This is why we’ve prepared this handy guide to help you address your cleaning needs and ensure you avoid damaging the soft yet delicate fabric. Ready to take a look at how to clean a velvet sofa in the UK? Let’s go!

How often should you clean a velvet sofa?

Velvet sofas are much more delicate than many other types of fabric. And if you’re wondering about the frequency of cleaning this piece of furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Basically, there’s no single answer for how often you should clean your velvet sofa. However, there are some handy tips to keep in mind. 

For starters, you will want to determine how often you use your sofa. If it’s not a very frequent basis, then you may wish to clean your sofa around two or three times per month. On the other hand, if the frequency is more regular, then more regular cleaning will be the order of the day. You should use a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle brush to get rid of dust and debris and use a steam cleaner to get rid of wrinkles, which can form through consistent use of your velvet sofa.

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How to clean a velvet couch the right way

Cleaning a velvet couch requires some patience and being equipped with the right tools and knowledge. Let’s take a look at some best practices below. 

  • Stains: stains should be dealt with as quickly as possible. You should never rub a stain to try and remove it. Instead, blot it using paper towels or a dry cloth. In addition, if you have fresh stains, consider looking for tips on how to get rid of these stains specifically off velvet couches. For example, you may wish to apply baking soda to most stubborn stains, although this may need to be preceded by using a water and detergent solution on the stain. It is important though to know which stains you’re treating and what solutions you should use. One example is that blood stains require cleaning with cold water as opposed to hot or warm water. Therefore, the type of stain will dictate the cleaning method you should use. 
  • Wrinkles: wrinkles are another side effect of sitting on velvet sofas regularly. They are a natural formation when using this type of furniture on a frequent basis. However, there are ways to ensure wrinkles don’t settle in too deeply and that is by using a steam cleaner to gently get them out. If you don’t have a steam cleaner, that’s okay. You can also use the steam function of your iron. But it’s important not to touch the velvet with your iron directly. Only let the steam hover over the wrinkle so that it softens and relaxes.
  • Spot tests: in addition to what we said above regarding treating stains, it’s always wise to look at the label on the sofa to check out the cleaning instructions. Once you know which method to use, you should also do spot tests before starting cleaning. Spot tests are carried out on inconspicuous areas of the sofa so that if any damage occurs, it will not be visible. 
  • Take colours into account: finally, when cleaning your couch, you should know that the best way to clean a velvet sofa is to take colours into account. For instance, darker velvet colours may fade quite quickly if exposed to too much wear and tear as well as natural sources of light. So, be aware of the positioning of your velvet sofa and try to protect it for as long as possible. 

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