Choosing End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services In Abingdon

Choosing End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services In Abingdon

When your lease has ended in your Abingdon property you have two options regarding the cleaning – tackle it yourself if you have the time and the energy – or find a company that provide end of tenancy cleaning in Abingdon.

Choosing end of tenancy cleaning services in Abingdon may seem overwhelming, but by following these simple guidelines you can ensure that you’ll get competitive end of tenancy cleaning prices, and a clean that meets all the expectations of your landlord and more.

Get Answers to the Questions you Need to Know

Is a guarantee provided?

Trusted companies are more than happy to offer financial compensation, or even a second cleaning of the property for free if standards aren’t met. A 24-hour guarantee will allow you to arrange for your landlord to come and inspect the property to ensure the quality of the clean will get you your deposit back in full.

Is there a checklist?

A thorough checklist that’s strictly followed by Abingdon cleaners will ensure that no part of the property is missed. The list should cover general cleaning as well as individual rooms with a further breakdown of duties. This detailed cleaning should be a full top to bottom cleaning package that has been designed specifically for rented properties.

A complete end of tenancy clean should include:

Entrance and hallways – particular attention will be paid to areas of high footfall

Kitchen – cleaning sinks and taps, removing limescale, cleaning inside all cupboards and drawers, washing and polishing work surfaces, cleaning oven, dishwasher, fridge, microwave, and washing machine, light fittings and skirting boards, tiles, and floors cleaned, mopped, or vacuumed, bins emptied and cleaned

Bedrooms – cleaning windows and doors, furniture, inside and outside of cupboards and wardrobes, light fittings, mirrors and pictures, skirting boards, and full vacuuming of carpets and under beds

Bathrooms – cleaning and disinfecting toilet seat and bowl, cleaning and washing bath and shower areas, cleaning tiles and removing limescale, descaling and polishing taps and showerheads, cleaning all cupboards, fixtures and fittings, windows, doors, and light fittings, and mopping the floor

Lounge and sitting rooms – windows and doors cleaned, furniture wiped clean, cupboards cleaned inside and out, all electronic equipment cleaned such as TV, DVD players, skirting boards, and full vacuuming of sofas and chairs including cleaning behind the cushions

Any additional specific tasks can be included as the above checklist is not limited to these particular cleaning jobs. Remember that your landlord may have a move out checklist too which will include the condition that the rental property should be left in, alongside any move-out procedures and obligations. You may be given a breakdown room by room, or simply general terms of what is expected. You’ll be able to tailor this checklist to meet the specific needs of the property.

Is there a pricing policy?

A professional cleaning cost should be based on the size of the property and not how long the actual cleaning process takes. The end result needs to be immaculate – and this cannot always be achieved if time is a factor. This means whatever size of property you have the rates will be fair.

You’ll need to also determine whether the cleaners will bring all the essential cleaning equipment and solutions with them, or if you have the option of them using yours. Ask for a quote in advance so that you can budget for VAT and any other taxes – and this pre-arranged price will be the cost you pay.

Is the service fully insured?

Reputable companies such as BeClean Abingdon will only hire vetted and insured cleaners – so you know that your property is completed covered whatever the circumstances. All cleaners are trained, friendly, and extremely helpful.

How quickly can the cleaners come?

End of tenancy cleaning in Oxfordshire can be booked at very short notice. Cleaners from BeClean can often be there on the next day to carry out a full and comprehensive clean. There will be a minimum of a six-hour booking to ensure that the cleaning includes every cleaning task needed throughout the property.

How will the cleaning service help?

BeClean can assist with preparing for your landlord’s inspection. With years of industry experience, the cleaners will know exactly what is expected and deliver the cleaning to meet those high standards.

The service offered will include professional attention paid to every part of the property from a highly-trained cleaning team. And all of the specialist equipment and cleaning solutions will be provided in order to complete these tasks. You’ll be able to choose whether you want the cleaning checklists to be followed to the letter – or provide your own guidelines for what you need to have done.

The cleaning is also designed to be as affordable as possible and you’ll be able to get a quote upfront before any cleaning is carried out. This quote will include the deep clean and the cost of all materials. With BeClean your end of tenancy clean is in safe hands!