Can You Remove Tea Stains From Your Carpet?

Can You Remove Tea Stains From Your Carpet?

Tea stains on your carpet can be really noticeable due to the tannin contained in the tea causing the stain to become yellow or brown. Tannin itself is a natural vegetable dye and can be typically tough to remove, and this means getting rid of tea stains from your carpets will need the use of an acidic stain removal product, a strong detergent, or an abrasive substance.

How to remove tea stains from your carpet

Getting tea stains out of your carpet needs you to act quickly! The first thing you should do is blot up as much of the stain as possible with a clean white cloth. Blot instead of rubbing as if you rub the stain will just penetrate deeper onto the carpet fibres. Just press down to soak up the excess liquid.

Dilute any remaining stain with a small amount of water and then blot again with a clean cloth. Once your cloth stays clean repeatedly then you can apply a carpet stain remover according to the instructions. It’s a good idea to test this first on an area of hidden carpet to make sure it doesn’t affect the colour. Look for a carpet stain remover that has a formula specifically designed for tannin in a spray bottle, or for larger areas a liquid or powder form.

How to clean tea stains from your carpet can differ if your tea had milk in it. In this case, you could use a protein stain spotter instead. Protein spotters are heavy-duty alkaline stain removers that are specially formulated to breakdown proteins in milk so that they can more easily be removed.

Next, you can apply an acidic stain remover which you can make yourself from citrus products or white vinegar diluted with water on a one to one ratio. Apply to the stained area and leave it to work for up to ten minutes before carefully rinsing and blotting up excess liquid with a clean white cloth.

Try to avoid over-wetting the carpet as this can lead to mould and mildew issues if the carpet doesn’t dry thoroughly. You may need to repeat the blotting method several times before the stain lifts completely.

If the stain returns after your carpet cleaning efforts this may result from the tea having gone through to the carpet backing. This process is known as wicking and causes the stain to rise up through the carpet fibres time and time again. You may be able to change the backing rather than having to replace your carpet.

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Need a carpet cleaning professional?

Carpet cleaning services provided by experts will help you get rid of tea stains from your carpets with ease. Choosing from a range of pre-treatments the appropriate solution will be selected that will remove tea stains without damaging the carpet fabric. This will be followed by a deep cleaning process that removes all remaining dirt and grime from deep within the carpet fibres.

Professional carpet cleaning can be arranged for a time that suits you whether it be at the weekend or after working hours. And your service will be fully insured for your peace of mind. Your carpet cleaner will be highly trained and experienced in handling all types of carpet fabric including natural and synthetic materials So if you have a wool carpet or a carpet made of delicate fibres that may be prone to shrinkage you can be assured that your carpet is in safe hands.

You’ll be able to request a free, no-obligation quote before your service begins via the phone, chat feature or online booking form. Your tea-stained carpet will soon be a thing of the past!