Best Way To Clean Windows – Tips & Tricks

Best Way To Clean Windows – Tips & Tricks

Did you know that there’s a whole host of benefits in having clean windows? From protecting indoor air quality to making your home look aesthetically pleasing, clean windows also let more light in and can affect your mood and productivity!

See the best way to clean your windows – tips & tricks here…

The tools you’ll need

  • Squeegee with a sharp rubber blade
  • Scrubber or good quality sponge
  • Washing up liquid
  • Lint-free small towels
  • Plastic bucket

Washing techniques

The best way to clean windows is to use a homemade cleaning solution from a washing up liquid and water mix. You don’t need much detergent – about a teaspoon will do added to a couple of gallons of cool water. You can add vinegar in moderation if you wish but it’s not proven to give any better results.

Put the scrubber to work on large panes of glass, if windows are small the sponge will be sufficient. Dip into the bucket and squeeze excess water before starting to scrub the glass. Be sure to cover the entire area concentrating on the edges and working from all angles. Horizontal or vertical strokes are both effective as long as you angle away from the cleaned glass.

Next, focus on pulling the squeegee blade against the glass in a top corner and steadily across the window whilst keeping the squeegee in contact with the edge of the window. You can then clean narrow strips from top to bottom. Keep wiping the squeegee clean between strokes to remove excess water alongside the accumulated dirt.

Then you can wipe down the window and repeat the entire process. When you’re satisfied the windows are clean you can go onto the next phase – wiping off any excess water. Use a lint-free towel around the edge of the window to get rid of any remaining suds and to leave a streak-free finish.

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Changing the squeegee blade

Keeping the squeegee blade sharp is essential in achieving an optimum clean. To safely change the blade, hold the end and stretch it out to expose the metal clip which you can then slide off. This will allow you to slide the blade off from the opposite end. If your blade doesn’t have a clip it may have screws and a clamp that needs to be removed.

Install the new blade by sliding it into the metal channel, then stretch and put back the metal clip. You may need to trim the end of the blade for a perfect fit.

More helpful window cleaning tips

According to research the best way to clean windows includes:

  • Choosing a dry, cloudy day to carry out the task
  • Removing any excess dirt and dust before you start the actual clean with a fine nylon scrub pad
  • Scraping off any sticky residue with a razor blade
  • Picking the right cleaner from the products detailed here
  • Dividing the job into rooms, completing one at a time

Tools to make the job even easier

Recommended over the counter window cleaning sprays can be of great value too. Choose products that are scientifically formulated to remove stains on windows by simply spraying onto the cloth and wiping the area that needs to be cleaned.

A good quality glass window cleaning and polishing cloth will also help to remove light grease and dirt without leaving streaks or smears. Alternatively, microfibre cloths designed for glass cleaning are scratch and lint-free, without any pile. Waffle weaves are good glass cleaning types as they offer streak-free results. They absorb liquid and leave crystal-clear panes with maximum clarity and minimum residue.

Window vacuums have an electronic suction function that minimises the need for additional cloths as spills are virtually eliminated. Some will run on rechargeable batteries, allowing a cost-effective regular quick clean in less than half an hour. Others will use multi-cyclonic technology with additional automatic cleaning programmes that can be used for glass cleaning – with an integrated squeegee specifically designed for the purpose.

If you can’t reach the higher windows opt for a sturdy step stool that folds flat for easy storage. The best ladders for cleaning external windows are aptly named window cleaners ladders! These are a specialist piece of equipment that is designed like the letter A with sides tapering into a triangular point.

Serrated rungs give a better grip in wet conditions, and rubber feet fitted to the top and bottom give an extra grip to the ground when damp from water run-off. Extension ladders come in heights able to reach 10 metres – more than enough to reach second-floor windows.

Call in the specialists

When you need a helping hand window cleaning Abingdon experts are ready. High-quality window cleaning services will be provided at times that suit you. Whether you need residential window cleaning or commercial window cleaning, there are window washing services readily available that meet your needs.

Professional window cleaning companies will offer residential window cleaning services at competitive rates, and you can sit back and relax whilst the professionals do all the hard work.