Our Regular Domestic Cleaning Service

Would you like an honest, reliable and affordable domestic cleaner to clean and care for your home?
Would you like the same dedicated and punctual house cleaner each week?
Would you like your home cleaner to be vetted and referenced checked ?
If you answer yes to these questions then you are at the right place!
Our Domestic Cleaning services are tailored to suit specific clients' needs. Different domestic tasks can be performed according to your needs. All general domestic cleaning tasks are undertaken. You will get the same domestic cleaner to do your weekly or fortnightly cleaning, that way you will know who is coming into your home each week and your cleaner will be able to work out a routine with you as to what you would like doing on each visit. We will also reallocate you another domestic cleaner as quickly as possible, in the event your permanent cleaner is unavailable due to illness or holidays
If you are busy working during the day you can leave a set of keys with your cleaner.
Our domestic cleaning services come with full Public and Employers Liability insurance cover to give you a rest of mind and best of all there is no annual contract to sign all you pay is the hourly rate as quoted.

Domestic Cleaning Tasks

This includes cleaning and polishing furniture’s, wardrobes and drawers, dusting all tops and surfaces, cleaning and dusting picture frames, clean and dust skirting boards and light switches, clean and dust window sills and ledges, empty and clean ashtrays and bins ,vacuum carpets and rugs, mop the floor, clean appliances, counters, cabinets, tables, chairs and worktops, clean microwave inside and out, clean hobs, clean doors and handles and remove finger prints marks. For the bathroom we will clean and disinfect toilet seat inside and out, clean and wash the bathtub, sink inside and out ,shower cabin, clean and wash the tiles, clean and polish the mirror, chrome and glasses, clean the counter tops ,wipe the door, handle and light switches, all this and much more can be found in our standard domestic task list which can be tailored to suit your cleaning needs.
Domestic Cleaning Rates, Prices and Enquiry
Regular Domestic Cleaning requires a minimum 2.5 hours per session weekly or 3 hours per session fortnightly. You can Book a cleaner online via email on be_clean@hotmail.com or call us on 01235 550410

If you would like to enquire about employing a domestic cleaner through us please call on Tel: 01235 550410 or email us be_clean@hotmail.com and we will get back to you straight away. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your domestic cleaning requirements for a free no obligation quote.You will see the uniqueness in our service.

Spring Cleaning

It's spring cleaning time again, time to clean your house from top to bottom. We all know that spring cleaning is necessary at least once or twice a year to ensure your house gets the proper cleaning it needs. Spring cleaning goes beyond the regular weekly cleaning ritual. When you spring clean you are cleaning areas you usually do not clean. These areas may include:
dusting the corners and ceilings for cob webs
washing down the baseboards, door jams, window sills, doors, and walls
scrubbing the kitchen cabinets, appliances, and the backsplash behind
the stove
cleaning windows (inside)
wipe out the refrigerator and freezer
give the bathroom a good scrubbing
washing ceiling fans and air conditioning vents and much more task check our Task list
see our price page to find out the exact charge.

Spring Cleaning Rates and Prices

Spring Cleaning requires a minimum 5 hours per session. See our price page to determine the exact cost of your booking. you can Book a cleaner online Now, or call us on 07874 850515.

Ironing Services

Our ironing services are flexible and can suit your specific requirements, whatever your ironing needs are we have a service to suit you, Whether it’s your whole week's ironing or just a few shirts, our regular domestic cleaners are here to help. You can book a cleaner to do your laundry for a minimum of 2 hours per session, or you can make ironing one of your domestic cleaning tasks.
Ironing is charged at the same rate as regular domestic cleaning.

Ironing Rates and Prices

Our Ironing service requires a minimum 2 hours per session weekly or 3 hours per session fortnightly. You can Book online Now, or call us on 07874 850515.

Ironing Service Enquiry

If you would like to enquire about employing a domestic cleaner/ironing service through our cleaning agency please call us on Tel: 01235 550410 or fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you straight away. You can also book online here. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your domestic cleaning/ironing requirements, and for a free no obligation quote.

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