Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Service

We provide affordable commercial office cleaning services, Janitorial and security throughout Abingdon and Oxfordshire, from large to medium offices; we are here to help keep your work place tidy and secure.

Take advantage of the things our office cleaners/janitorial staff can do for your establishment

Cleaning and maintenance
If you choose us to do your office cleaning we will be responsible for cleaning the floors, walls and furniture. In order to clean floors, office cleaners need to vacuum carpets, and mop and sweep hardwood floors. Wall treatments may include using sponges and squeegees soaked in soapy water. Additional cleaning duties may include dusting electronic devices, taking out trash, wiping down bathroom facilities, polishing furniture and recycling.
However large or small your business is, BeClean Cleaners knows how important it is to have a clean and tidy working environment. Cleanliness can be a very important factor for good employee performance in any working environment.

We can provide cleaners to suit your business needs, from contract cleaning involving many cleaners on a daily basis to cleaning that requires just one cleaner for a couple of hours a week. Our professional cleaners don’t cut corners but clean them.

For affordable office cleaning please see our prices.
Our office cleaning requires a minimum 2 hours per session weekly or 3 hours per session fortnightly. Book a cleaner online via email on or 07874 850515.

We provide a comprehensive daily cleaning service for establishments because we believe a well-kept facilities enhance corporate image and provide a healthy environment for customers and employees
Our janitorial services include office cleaning, restroom cleaning, cafeteria cleaning, specialty cleaning, special guest cleaning, emergency cleaning, construction clean up, exterior cleaning.

Janitorial tasks:

Daily, weekly, monthly cleaning services
Office system cleaning
Kitchen and restroom cleaning
Dusting and window washing
Waste removal
Daily carpet care

Hard surface floor maintenance and cleaning
Entrances and lobbies
Sanitation programs
And more!

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